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I am a big fan of adding small details to an outfit. I especially love those little bits and bobs (like interesting shoelaces) that catch the eye – those details that make you a tad different from your friends.

Sneakers and “Vellies” are totally my vibe at the moment which is why I’ve decided to start making my own ribbon shoelaces. They are very versatile and can be paired with super cute stockings when wearing a skirt or with a casual pair of jeans.

This DIY is super easy and should not take more than an hour – so let’s get into it:

You will need:

1. Ribbons*
2. Sellotape
3. Scissors
4. Matches

*With regards to length: it all depends on how long you want yours to be. Mine were about 75 cm in length.

Tip: go for a wider ribbon so that your bow can pop.

The how ?

1. Cut your ribbons to the length you want them to be.
2. Cut the edges of the ribbon in a little protruding arrow shape (triangle).
3. Twist the little triangle (keep it very tight) and twirl the sellotape around the corners to form that typical shoelace edge.
4. Burn the ends with a match – this is to keep it intact.
5. Tie the shoelaces however you’d like to have yours in your shoes!
6. Have fun wearing them!

Does this look like your cup of tea?

Please share your pictures if you try it out!


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