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A number of restaurants have opened their doors to man’s best friend, which means that your furry companion doesn’t have to stay home just because you’re craving that burger. That being said, it doesn’t give Fluffy free-roam of the restaurant floor. Here are 10 tips on petiquette (yes, as in pet-ettiquette), along with some pet-friendly restaurants in the Western Cape that will bring a wag to any pup’s tail.

10 Petiquette tips

1. Feed Fluffy before the time

What do you mean, that food isn’t for Fluffy? C’mon, it smells so good, and besides, she’s starving! It’s always a great idea to feed your pet before the time, so that she doesn’t drool when your food arrives. Bonus points if you’ve stocked up on snacks to keep Fluffy busy.

2. Keep a leash with you

Some restaurants allow their four-footed patrons to walk around freely, provided they’re on their best behaviour. That being said, other dogs will probably also be around so it’s best to err on the side of caution.

3. Fluffy is not a dishwasher

I think this one goes without saying, but just to be sure: do not allow your pet to lick any of the cutlery or dishes brought to the table. The only exception is when your dog is specifically served something special.

4. It’s okay to bring a mat, but the whole dog-bed is a no-go

We get it, the floor is cold and Fluffy is delicate. It’s acceptable to bring a pad or mat for your pet to get comfortable on, but a giant dog-bed is cumbersome and takes up a lot of space.


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5. Work out excess energy beforehand

Your pet is a lot more likely to sit quietly by your side once all that pent-up energy has been expended.

6. Accidents happen

Dogs don’t have a dedicated bathroom area and slip-ups are bound to happen. Don’t make a big deal about it, the other patron’s probably don’t want to hear about it. Take care of the situation promptly by means of wet-wipes, napkins, or a little plastic bag brought along specifically for this situation. Do not expect the server to have to deal with it.

7. Sit in special areas if needed.

Some restaurants have areas in which they allow doggy-visitors to sit, whether outside or in the smoking section. It’s always a good idea to follow the rules in these instances, due to health and safety reasons.

8. Keep pup under control

Keep in mind that other people and dogs will be in the area. While they may want to stop off for a pat and a chat, they may not want your pet under their feel, especially whilst they’re eating. Not to mention that it’s always best to keep her off the furniture.

9. Give pup attention for good behaviour

Praise your friend for behaving or be generous with one of those treats you’ve brought along. Being ignored is never fun and they may decide to get attention elsewhere.

10. Make sure to thank manager and server

People like being appreciated and it’s always a good idea to give positive feedback. Mention to the manager or your waitron that you enjoyed being able to bring your furry friend along. It’s a great way of ensuring the experience continues.

Pet-friendly restaurants:

The Western Cape is no stranger to dogs accompanying their humans for a bite to eat. The reason for our top picks are that they offer something extra for the experience.

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant in Hout Bay has not only vegan and many Italian options, but also a doggy menu for your furry friend to choose from. If bone-shaped mini pizzas aren’t his style, maybe he’d enjoy a milky puppaccino instead.

For more info visit massimos.co.za


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Dizzy’s Restaurant and Pub

A more relaxed atmosphere in Camps Bay is Dizzy’s Restaurant and Pub. While pups enjoy a Poochalicious Beef Patty or a meal of grilled chicken strips and brown rice, their humans can sample the wood-fired pizzas and homemade burgers, while enjoying the selection of craft beers on tap.

For more info visit dizzys.co.za


Esspresso.Kom in Kommetjie invites pups in for a biscuit and their owners for breakfasts and light meals. Locally sourced ingredients and home-grown herbs are part of a menu that offers good value for money. The restaurant also has a play area for kids.

For more info visit their Facebook page

Foodbarn Deli

The Foodbarn Deli in Noordhoek has everything from freshly baked croissants to tapas and provides water and biscuits for doggy-visitors. The deli stays open until late and is a great place to share with friends.

For more info visit thefoodbarn.co.za

12 Apostles Hotel and Spa

The 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa, situated in Camps bay, is a the perfect place to bring your pampered pet, provided they are smaller than knee-height. Yes, this means your feline friend can enjoy the experience as well. The Leopard Bar offers cushions for your pets as well as a meaty pet menu, while the Café Grill offers pet-friendly suites. While your fluffy friend is in pet heaven, you are invited to enjoy everything from breakfast to burgers.

For more info visit 12apostleshotel.com


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Rhodes Memorial Restaurant

Four-footed friends are sure to love the biscuits offered at the Rhodes Memorial Restaurant and Tea Garden. Take advantage of the nearby hiking trails to work up a sweat and enjoy the view. The restaurant offers a seasonal menu and a roaring fire during winter. With a jungle gym, sandpit and swings, the kids will love this one too.

For more info visit rhodesmemorial.co.za

Big Dog Café

Big Dog Café in Franschhoek is the perfect place to visit, particularly if beautiful spaces and amazing coffee is your thing. Vegan options are also available and there is a “puppy menu” for kids under 12. Furry friends are more than welcome at this establishment.

For more info visit bigdogcafe.co.za

Thirsty Scarecrow

If the idea of beer-pizza makes your mouth water, then visiting the Thirsty Scarecrow is probably for you. Your pets are welcome to join as you enjoy a cold craft beer and the view of the Mooiberge Strawberry Farm.

For more info visit their Facebook page

Die Damhuis

Die Damhuis Restaurant, situated in one of the oldest buildings in the Western Cape offers scenic views of Table Mountain; and a nearby beachfront that is perfect for a pre-dinner stroll. Your pup can enjoy a Cool Dog’s ice-cream as you tuck into a traditional South African meal or plate of seafood. There is also a doggy play-area for your pup’s entertainment.

For more info visit diedamhuis.co.za

Ons Huisie

The popular Bloubergstrand restaurant is the perfect place for your pooch to make some friends, as there are always plenty of dogs present. Ons Huisie offers you a range of pub-fare, including popular seafood dishes; and visiting pups are welcome to quench their thirst at the doggy watering-hole.

For more info visit onshuisie.co.za


Enjoy some farm-style cooking or wine tasting with your pet at your side. This farm, situated in Durbanville in the Northern Suburbs, is family and pet-friendly. Dogs are allowed to run around without leashes, provided they are well-behaved and people-friendly. Best of all, there are always a few farm-pups for your furry friend to socialise with.

For more info visit altydgedacht.co.za


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