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Every winter I long for the warmer weather to arrive. I’m definitely a summer baby – born in February – and months of chill have a way of sinking into my bones so that my toes become permanent popsicles. But then when that first 35°C day lands (and in the Winelands they come like a hot blow to the head) I realise once again that you should be careful what you wish for. Then it’s time to pull out my emergency summer kit, packed with cooling mists, setting sprays and an effective deo, which will save me from a complete melt-down.

This year I’ve managed to sync my third trimester with the hottest months of the year, and if you’ve been pregnant in summer you’ll know it’s like carrying a hot water bottle (or maybe rather a hot water beach ball) in your belly. Now add this bit of madness: I’ve decided to move house, which means running (in my case waddling) up and down the stairs, trying to fit my life into boxes. And then it’s the same in reverse once we get to the other house. Busy busy! Plus once we touch down in our new home, it will be all systems go to get the baby’s room ready, and that in itself will mean a lot of activity.

Finally I’m still trying my best to stay active during my pregnancy. Hectic movement really isn’t much of an option anymore but I do try to work in a walk or a pilates session once a day. It really helps to lift my mood and boost circulation but it can also be a sweaty situation since it’s a million degrees inside and outside my body.

Clearly, one summer beauty essential in my life is a the perfect deodorant. I need to know that it will keep up the good work all day, and even through the hot evenings. Beyond that I need something that can care for my skin, which has become extra fussy and sensitive.

I’ve come to love the Dove Deodorants, particularly the Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea variant. The smell is fantastic, a blend of refreshing cooling notes of freshly cut cucumber, green tea, melon and fresh floral touches. Aside from offering 48 hours protection, it’s also free from drying alcohol, and contains ¼ moisturising cream which helps to care for the skin under your arms.

So currently, while I’m overheating at least I’m still fresh as summer breeze. At least the diary of my underarms would read like a romance novel.

Have you tried this deodorant? What did you think? Pop your thoughts, comments or questions in the section below.

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