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We cut it into crazy shapes, colour it all the shades of the rainbow, tie it, twist it, knot it, braid it, curl it, straighten it. Yeah, we all love expressing ourselves through our hair but we also push it to the limits. That’s not to mention everyday damage from sun, sea, wind and rain. Which means now and then it’s time for damage control!

The 9Lives team got together to share our personal hair journeys, from daily struggles to the craziest things we’ve every done. We also tried the Dove Intensive Repair range, formulated to repair damage from the first wash.

Personally I really like this range, firstly, because it is so easy on the pocket and secondly because it is nourishing without being overly heavy. You can also pick between the conditioner for everyday care, or the mask for more intense hydration. Oh, and it smells fantastic. Seriously, on wash day the entire office was filled with the fragrance!

Keen to try it for yourself?

You could WIN a Dove Intensive Repair Range!

To enter, simply share your hair journey in the comments below! What are your hair struggles? Or tell us something crazy you’ve done to your hair! Entries close 19 December so hurry hurry!


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  1. Liezel Thomas Reply

    I once asked for a trim and ended up with one of those “can you call the manager haircuts” and NEARLY DIED cos I couldn’t see the back of it till it was done.

    I ended up having to spend R5500 on extensions to save face (and hair) LOLLLLL

  2. I Cut it all off when I was in High school. I literally had some people mourning over my long maine, the day I came to school in a pixie cut. I had it for years. They said it was regretful to have it cut off in such an extreme way. I did not regret it. It was a great experience to do…Sure, if people asked me, I would still prefer myself in long hair. It frames my face better. But short hair is way more practical to work with, especially since I work in an office requiring me to look professional all the time (used to always braid it or put it in a high sleek ponytail).
    Less shampoo, less water, eco-friendly (less hairspray), and quicker time to get ready and get it dry. When it was still in short pixie, I didn’t even have to comb, just simply wax it a bit (it actually made me feel jealous that guys could get away with doing this all the time!).
    Since it took a lot of time for my hair to grow back to being long, I just say: “It’s just hair. It will grow again, don’t you think?”

  3. Jade Atherton Reply

    I have the thickest, curliest hair you can imagine. growing up it was the bane of my existence as i was always the frizzy lizzy in our group of sleek haired friends. so before i came to love and embrace it, it gave me a bit of a complex. Anyway, moving along -so in my first year of high school. i fell head over heels for this guy (douchebag) but him and his friends would always make fun of my hair and being this naive, desperately in love little soul, i thought maybe if my hair was straight this fool would like me. I had no flat iron but i had AN iron. So cue to me, head on ironing board, super hot iron, trying to straighten my hair…It did not turn out well. I burnt significant portions of my hair off not to mention burnt my ear and some fingers. Safe to say, i had a very curly afro for a while, blistery fingers and a super bruised ego. Oh i did not get the guy. But his loss i realize now. not mine.

  4. I was in high school and had just finished blow-drying my VERY LONG hair, and started spraying some hairspray on it to calm the frizz, when my brother (young and dumb at the time) held a cigarette lighter near the hairspray fumes.

    Much like holding a flame to deodorant spray, the hairspray can turned into a flame-thrower and MY HAIR CAUGHT ALIGHT! It started melting instantly and I swear I felt my soul leave my body for a moment. 😂 😂 😂

    Needless to say, it was a long time before I had long hair again (or until I spoke to my brother again).

  5. ann foster Reply

    i have naturally thick wavy hair, and I decide I needed a fringe

    not only that I decided I needed to cut it myself

    at 11PM

    needless to say it was an uneven fluffy jagged disaster .

    longest 4 months ever to grow out long enough to disguise my error of my ways

  6. Janet Perry Reply

    I’m trying to think of the craziest hair-related thing I’ve done…. I’m not very brave when it comes to my hair because I have fine and wavy hair although I have quite a lot of it, but one wrong snip of the scissors can result in a terrible haircut. It seems so noticeable on my hair! One of the worst things that happened to me was when I came back from from honeymoon. I had this long gorgeous hair and had a perfect tan from being on the beach for 7 days and felt so good. I decided that I needed a trim because I’d been in the sun a lot and trotted off to my trusted hairdresser. I don’t know what he was thinking that day BUT he actually cut a LOT of my hair off and in a crazy weird style that I hated! I didn’t have the courage to tell him (how could I when everyone was applauding his masterpiece), but instead I whimpered off to another salon and begged them to fix it. All she could do was cut it even shorter. I cried buckets! The good news however, is that it grew back! This was a long time ago and now I like my hair shoulder length. It’s still really wavy, borderline curly on some days, but quite dry and frizzy now because I colour it to hide some pesky grey strands. Would love to try the Dove range, have read great things about it!

  7. I have bee doing really crazy stuff with my hair over the years as I have very dry and very thick hair (staalwol gevoel partykeer). I was ddtill at school I was making a joke one day I am going to cut ny hair myself… The next moment I cut a big hole at the back of my hair right down to my skin. Had to thick of excuses before my mom could find out mu cousin saved me by pleating my hair before my mom would do it. Ober the hears I relaxed my hair and at a time few years ago was sick of the fact my skin burn when relaxed I bought the straightener and oh my word… Again another problem arised my hair was breaking off so short I had to go for the first time with very very short hair and could not even do my hair myself. Had to visit the hairdresser weeklyf. Now iwth evrything going up this uear I decided no more trying to fit in. I have to embrace my hair God has given me for more than 40 years and as a little girl even up to teenager years my fam called me Tina Turner (ja thatd whats it looked liked). Now I am natural (no more relaxer, straightener or as little as much heat) and still struggle with damaged dry brittle (staalwol) hair. Would habbe to turn to Dove products maybe this will help and make it more smoother 😉😏

  8. About two years ago I decided I wanted to do something completely different with my hair (after I’ve been colouring it the same auburn colour for a while… So… I decided to get a perm! 😅 Ps. My hair is longish so it actually looked nice, BUT at that stage I had a fringe. Let’s just say I always had my hair tied up, especially for the sake of the fringe. I’m still left with a bit of perm in my hair 😂 so need quite a bit of TLC.

  9. Tanusta Jainarain Reply

    I used to have the most amazingly beautiful bollywood hair people used to stop and ask me what products I use.Alas aftr illness and many operations my hair and I decided to part ways.I have very little hair left which is rather embarrassing.But the most embarrassing story was going to colour my hair before picture day at school (Im a teacher) I wanted a beautiful copper red but it wasnt in my destiny and the hairdresser made my hair a bright pink!Yep lets just say I didnt need the flash option whilst taking out school pics, the bright pink in my hair took care of that

  10. l have very thick hair and decided that l was tired of it and needed a whole new look and went to my local hair saloon to cut it but she ruined my hair with it looking so bad that l had to wear a hat to hide it until l went to someone else to fix this disaster.

  11. Allison Marais Reply

    I have a dark slin tone and in school, peroxide was the biggest thing…light hair was amazing. Having really fragile hair, I decided I should rather streak than go full blonde and I bought a diy kit. Here is where the horror story begins. I started and got tired and managed to peroxide big chunks of my front hair and being too scared to keep it on, I washed it off and i came out orange!!! My nickname at school went from Ally to hairyworm, my head looked like a hairyworm. I still have the stupid nickname today, 14 years later and I never touched peroxide again!

  12. Angel Markus Reply

    I wanted hair extensions and my parents decided to spoil me …. when I had them done I realized that the dye job was patchy and didn’t match , I went back and when I was finished had pitch black hair 😐 I’m strawberry blonde 😭 I nearly died ( ( no pun intended) I got over the color ( I got a free clip ) hahah anyways a couple of weeks later I had problems with the bonds and went back to remove them …. they just took them out didn’t rinse them out properly so my hair matted , I was so distraught my hair was matted I had to find a new hair dresser ASAP took me 3 years to fix my hair from the damage ! My hair has to be cut of treated …. I have never trusted again 💔😭

  13. Thea lennox Reply

    I left baroxite in my hair and it had a neon colour. Then i dyed it black with henna and that looked just as bad. My hair are so broken that i would not be able to dye it for a while.

  14. Essayvanie Padayachee Reply

    The craziest thing I ever did was after a year of marriage asking my hubby to cut my hair using a machine, I ended up looking like a guy and my mum wasn’t too impressed.

  15. So I’ve never tried this particular hair colour brand and I decided that because my hair was darker than the instructions I’d leave it on longer, to my dismay my hair colour was not mahogany but a bright orange 🤣 needless to say the following day was work and I had to go in to work with a beanie in summer time 🙈 I never dyed my hair myself again

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