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Curious to see what it is like being a lifestyle blogger in Cape Town?

I teamed up with Dove to create a quick video showing you a day in my life. I have been testing out the new Dove Mineral Touch Anti-Perspirant, which has a beautiful citrus and floral scent, and is gentle on my skin. I also wanted to see if it could keep up with my life.

As a lifestyle blogger I am lucky to attend some really amazing events and visit a lot of cool places, but that also means there are days when I am constantly running around between my desk and the next function.  The last thing I want to worry about on a busy day is sweat.

The day I shot this video was particularly hectic with three events and plenty of work to do in between. It was also a weird day weather wise, with moments of icy chill followed by warm sunshine. That normally doesn’t pair well with layers upon layers of winter clothing. And of course behind the scenes I was lugging my camera and tripod around with me and setting up all my shots. So all in all this was the day to test drive a deo.

I am happy to report that I only applied this once in the morning without any re-spritzing through the day. When I arrived home that evening I was still smelling nice and fresh. I was really impressed.

Dove has recently launched their new and improved deos, which promises 48-hour protection. Apart from working to keep you dry, it also helps to keep your skin soft: 25% of their product is made up of moisturising ingredients like glycyrol and sunflower seed oil. For me this makes a huge difference because it means the deo is caring for my skin while keeping it dry. I have a sensitive skin and some deodorants often cause irritation or dryness so I am always on the lookout for gentle anti-perspirants that are still effective.

Dove Mineral Touch Aerosol is priced around R31,99 for 150ml and the roll-on around R20,99 for 50ml.

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