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Confession time… I hate going to grocery stores. Especially during the week. It’s a hassle to get there, to find parking, navigate the overcrowded aisles and more. Then I heard about the Down to Earth plastic-free grocery delivery service in Stellenbosch and promptly decided to give it a go.

How does it work?

Super easy! Initially, you follow the sign-up link and choose to either form part of the grocery delivery service, the meat-free Monday meal delivery service or both. For the plastic-free grocery option, they deliver to both Somerset West and Stellenbosch, while the meat-free meal deliveries are only in Stellenbosch.

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll get a WhatsApp message from the team prompting you to save their number to your phone so that you’ll be able to receive the weekly menu from them. The menus are sent out promptly between 8am and 11am on a Sunday morning, and you then have till 12:00 on a Sunday evening to put your order through. Payments are made via EFT and can be done anytime from the order submissions to the delivery time.


Apart for the fact that I love that they use WhatsApp to send you the menu, the other awesome part of this process is the fact that they deliver in Stellenbosch on either Tuesday or Wednesday between 17h30 and 19h30, so you don’t have to deliver at your workplace – you can get the goodies delivered straight to your door!

At around 13:00 on the day of your delivery, you’ll get a message telling you around what time they’ll be by to deliver, so that you can plan ahead. If would you rather for pick up your produce you can do that as well. They have pick-up points in both Stellenbosch and Somerset West.

What’s on the menu?

Although the menu changes weekly, adding new items as they go along, you can always expect beans, grains, nuts and seeds, flour, dates, coconut oil, spices, sweets and more to be on the menu. They also stock some cosmetics, household products, cleaning products and artisanal bread.

For my order, I went for the veggie box. It contained aubergines, carrots, butternut, potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, zucchinis and green beans. The best part of all? I paid R120 for the entire box. Yes, you read correctly R120 for the entire box. I also ordered some radishes and additional carrots from the Kayamandi Organic Upliftment Project at R20 a bunch. I also opted for 1kg of sunflower seeds. A steal at R35 and they delivered it in a brown paper bag, staying true to the no-plastic premise.

All in all, I paid R210 for veggies that will last me quite some time. I’ve blanched the potatoes and frozen them for later. Same goes for the butternut, green beans and green peppers, still leaving enough produce for the week ahead. I highly recommend trying out this initiative and saving yourself a trip or two to the grocery store, while also opting for farm-fresh produce delivered to your door.


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