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The app: The Pattern

The price: Free

The reason: I convinced nearly everyone in my office to download The Pattern in less than 30 minutes. I simply had to convince one person to download the app, which intrigued another, and before I knew it the entire office was roaring and wanting to find out what The Pattern had to say about them. Within 10 minutes I had acquired 10 new friends on the app and had everyone comparing who they were most and least like.

If you find yourself somewhat intrigued right now you should really check out The Pattern for yourself.

First you’ll have to download the app. While it’s downloading give your parents a quick call and ask them for the EXACT time you were born (trust me, this is important). Once it’s finished downloading, fill in your astrology birth chart information: name; gender; date, time, and place of birth. Once your profile has been set up, a super detailed reading of who you are as a person will commence.

The app has gained a lot of traction for its eerily accurate insight into the various sides of your personality and even garnered the attention of Channing Tatum who took to Twitter a few times to question how the hell The Pattern knows what it knows about us.

Using the app is pretty simple and luckily you don’t need to be fluent in Astrology-lingo. Instead, the app gives you insight into your pattern in a way that reads more like a Myers-Briggs result. This particular section of the app had everyone in my office saying, “Sh*t, this is actually really accurate” and this coming from one in particular who was previously heard stating that Astrology is mere “fluff”.

The Pattern

Another fun aspect of the app is being able to add friends. Since adding all of my colleagues I can, with certainty, tell you who is most and least like the other and had quite the chuckle when I shared someone’s results.

The Pattern

Daily notifications by The Pattern are known for dragging some aspect of your life (which I must admit can be pretty hilarious) and really have you question your intentions.

The Pattern
Can this app just leave my relationship alone jeez

As you can tell, our office, myself included, is having the time of their lives using The Pattern. If you’re prepared to wake up to harsh, yet likely true, statements about your life, or you’re merely interested in getting scarily accurate and detailed insights into who you are, I would definitely suggest giving The Pattern a go!


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