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‘Scorpion’, Drake’s latest album went platinum on its first day and I’m not surprised. The album oozes Drake from start to finish and if you’re a Drake fan you’ll definitely like it. Since its release on June 29, 2018 it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. I had to find out what all the hype was about, so I gave the album a listen and here are some thoughts I had:

1. Deep feels and heavy lyrics

As soon as the first song starts you are drawn in by the old-school, nostalgic hip-hop vibe and dream-like flow of Drake’s rap.

2. Nonstop

The second song, ‘Nonstop’, flows into a cleaner production which pulls us deeper into the depths of Drake’s voice and his classic “they trying to beat me, but they can’t” lyrics. Also, I will be listening to this album nonstop, kind of obsessed already!

3. Yass Drake, Elevate!

‘Elevate’ is probably my favourite song on the album and will definitely be added to my playlist. It’s the song that will get your body moving, will have you singing along and making you feel fly AF.

4. Emotionless got me feeling all the emotions

Drake had me feeling all the emotions with the song ‘Emotionless’, spitting truth bombs line after line. Not only are the lyrics amazing, and he mentions the controversial subject of his son, but the beat is pretty bomb too.

5. What’s better than Drake? A Drake and Jay-Z duo

‘Talk Up’ featuring Jay-Z is an excellent song, especially if you need something to get you hyped before hitting the town. Move over Kanye, Drake’s taking the spotlight!

6. Let’s slow it down

Drake’s got a good amount of balance between hype-up and chillout songs on the album and if you need a song to slow things down a bit, listen to ‘Peak’. It’s hella good and pretty sexy, too.

7. God’s Plan

The lead single of this album is one I’m sure everyone is familiar with by now. It’s a Drake classic and one you can’t help but sing along with. The music video has gotten quite a lot of media attention due to the various donations made by Drake during the filming of the video.

I enjoyed this album almost too much! It was a wild ride and I felt a whirlwind of emotions, but I came out strong and fierce in the end. Thank you, Drake for blessing my ears with your music once again! Be sure to give it a listen.

Check out the music video for God’s Plan here:

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