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I attended the launch of the Durbanville Hills Winter Menu last week to get a taste of what they will be offering through the chilly season.  This wine estate on the outskirts of the Northern Suburbs is well loved for its picturesque views, family-friendly environment, chic restaurant and fine wine, so I am always curious to see what they’re serving up.

Louisa Greeff, Head Chef at Durbanville Hills wanted to create a menu that showcases simplistic yet bold flavours. Each dish has also been designed to be paired with specific Durbanville Hills wines so it’s worth asking the waiter about the recommended pairing.

To start with I can recommend you try the Cape oysters. You can have it straight with a splash of Tabasco, salt, pepper and lemon, or try one of their more gourmet creations. I had the Bloody Mary oyster, which was delicious combination of fresh, plump meat with a splash of Bloody Mary cocktail. It’s still as familiar as the classic serving but with some more flavour mixed in.

For the main I can highly recommend the grilled beef fillet served with homemade pappardelle pasta, tomato spread and sjimeji mushrooms. At first I wasn’t sure how the fillet would work with the pasta but the beef was perfectly soft and succulent, and the combination of flavours was rich and comforting.

As for dessert, I suggest you try the berry rice pudding brúlée, a rice pudding served with a selection of meringues, coconut dust and a pistachio ice cream. It pulled up all the nostalgia of a classic rice pudding but with an interesting spin on the flavours. The chef meanwhile heroed her lemon and ricotta tart with grilled apples, basil, honey and lemon dust and I am very curious to head back for that.

I do suggest you try the recommended wines with each dish. If you feel like ordering a bottle, however, I can vouch for the Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc or Rhinofields Pinotage with your mains, and the Noble Late Harvest with dessert.

The restaurant at Durbanville Hills is open for lunch from Tuesdays to Sundays during 12:00 and 15:00, and for dinner from 17:00 onwards on Tuesday to Saturday evenings. For reservations, contact the restaurant on 021 558 1337.


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