When it comes to anti-aging, Retinol really is the way to go. Vitamin A is a powerhouse antioxidant, known to improve collagen production, boost cell-turnover, even skin tone and refine skin texture. So I was thrilled when Elizabeth Arden introduced their new Retinol Ceramide Capsules, combining this potent ingredient with the hydrating care of Ceramides.

You might already be familiar with the original Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules, which is one of my all-time favourite products to treat dehydrated or sensitized skin – something I frequently struggle with. Ceramides are one of the main components of your skin barrier so adding them helps to prevent water loss and dehydration. Their new product combines Retinol and Ceramides, so that you get all those powerful anti-aging benefits from the Vitamin A, while the Ceramides nourish and calm the skin. They also help to counteract that dry, irritated sensation people often experience when using Retinol for the first time.

Since I’m pregnant I wasn’t able to test this serum out myself – retinol can be dangerous for the baby – so I roped in Caré, one of the writers for 9Lives. She tested the capsules for around three weeks before we put together the review, using one capsule per night. Watch the video to find out more about the product and what she had to say:

The most noticeable improvement that Caré experienced was smoother, hydrated skin, as well as a better balance between the oily and dry areas on her face. The anti-aging benefits like wrinkle reduction will become more and more apparent the longer she uses the serum capsules.

A big bonus is the fact that she experienced no negative reaction to the retinol, a common side-effect of this active ingredient. Clearly the combination of Retinol and Ceramides helps to keep the skin calm and happy. She also loved the texture, which is gel-like and smooth, and quickly absorbs into the skin.

You will use one serum capsule at night time (retinol can cause sun sensitivity so you should only use it in the evenings). One capsule should be more than enough for your face, neck and chest. Use this after cleansing and before your moisturiser.

If you’re keen to try the new Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Capsules, you can head over to an Elizabeth Arden counter at select department stores like Woolworths and Edgars, and pick up a sample. I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked! Personally I can’t wait for baby to arrive so that I can start using these myself.

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