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Three minutes past two reads the time on my watch. With the essentials packed, I was ready for a weekend in the Karoo. I quickly ran through the checklist in my head, to make sure I had everything before we left Stellenbosch for the Karoo. Towel, sunscreen, water, cap and insect repellent… With these items packed, I was certain that we would survive the dry Karoo heat. 

We first needed to fight through the early afternoon Stellenbosch traffic before we could hit the road. One hour and 17 minutes later, the road started to become quieter as we headed to Kareekolk, the name of the Karoo farm we were headed for. We had to keep track of every turnoff, sign, tree and pothole as per instruction from the people we were visiting in order to arrive at our destination without Google Maps.

After almost 3 hours of traffic, potholes and dirt road we found the final turnoff with the big tree, white painted rocks and sign reading, “Kareekolk”. We had just made it in time to experience the idyllic Karoo sunset and pitch the tent before the dark caught us. The mood was automatically set by the smell of the weekend’s first braai-fire, a freshly opened beer standing on top of the dirt-covered bakkie, and the silence of the Karoo. 


The next morning I was woken up by the sound of the birds and the first sun rays peeking through the ventilation areas of the tent, forcing me to wake up and start making coffee. By 08:00 the sun already felt as though it was already much later in the day.


With my towel in one hand and my vanity case in the other, I searched for the nearest bathroom to dress, wash my face and brush my teeth. With no intention of looking pretty, I moved through my basic morning routine to kick the day off. I have not even been in the Karoo for long, and yet I could already feel how my skin was screaming for hydration. Luckily I remembered my Great 8 day cream by Elizabeth Arden. I could feel the immediate relief as I applied a thick layer of cream to my dry and dehydrated skin. 

With very little shade and more than enough harsh Karoo sun, we spent almost the entire Saturday in the direct sunlight. If hadn’t been for Elizabeth Arden’s Great 8 Cream with its daily defence, moisturizer and SPF 35 that lasted over eight hours, I would have been in big trouble. I usually tend to forget to apply sunscreen, not to mention reapplying every hour. I was very surprised at how long this cream lasted, protecting my skin from feeling dehydrated after a few hours. 

Without a doubt, I repeated my exact Karoo morning routine the last day of our stay. I could confidently spend the day in the sun without having to worry about hiding in the shade in order to try and protect my skin, because the Great 8 cream proved itself over and over as a true moisturizer, sunscreen and daily defense. 

As we started to pack up and get ready to head home after a very enjoyable weekend filled with braai, laughter and dancing, I promised myself that I will never go camping without Elizabeth Arden’s Great 8 Day Cream again.


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