Step aside techies, Armani just launched a hybrid smartwatch

We’ve been getting excited about wearable tech for a while now and brands like Apple, Samsung and Fitbit are continuing to launch devices that are getting smarter by the upgrade. But one thing they haven’t gotten quite right yet is the aesthetics. Let’s face it, most of these watches look a little, well, geeky. Don’t get me wrong, I think they have come leaps and bounds at creating beautiful devices, but for me they haven’t gotten the fashionable appeal just right yet.

So here’s an interesting new contender on the market that will hopefully change the, ahem, face of smart watches to come. Emporio Armani has recently announced their Hybrid Smartwatch and it is pretty damn gorgeous.

The watch tracks your activity and sleep, allows you to control music, and notifies you when your phone is ringing and when you receive notifications. Pretty neat, right?

Personally I’m really excited to see how this launch changes the game of wearable tech.

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