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It’s the very first Endless Daze festival. The smell of sweat, smoke and sea fills the air at the Silverstroom Resort. Screams of excitement and the tang-tang of a band setting up their musical instruments can be heard in the distance. My then-boyfriend and I set up our tent before making our way to the main stage where Retro Dizzy is playing.

We bask in the sun and watch as it sets over the resort, while the sounds of some of my favourite artists like Sol Gems and Sannie Fox echo from the stage. I eagerly anticipate the main act of the night, a band from California, Los Angeles, called Froth.

I had never heard of them before Endless Daze, but instantly became obsessed with their psychedelic rock and shoegaze sound. Their song, ‘Nothing Baby’ has become one of my all-time favourite songs! Then, BCUC came on stage and absolutely transfixed the entire crowd with their explosion of passion, funk and rhythm. The night ended with a lot of beer, a lot of dancing, and just exhilarated joy!
Endless Daze 2016
The following morning was spent lazing around on the grass, listening to the acoustic melodies of Roxy Caroline and Mr Cat and the Jackal at the Velvet Morning Stage. Somewhere between there and the main stage, I bumped into the lead singer of Froth and, ever so slightly, completely fangirled all over him; regrettably so hard that the thought of asking him to take a photo with me never even crossed my mind. After regaining the little bit of “cool” I had left, we headed to the main stage to spend the rest of our Saturday getting swept up by stellar music of Bye Beneco, Felix Laband, Dangerfields and many more!

Here’s a look at what Endless Daze 2016 was like:

While still reminiscing about the phenomenal time I had at Endless Daze the previous year, Endless Daze 2017 was announced and let me tell you, I DID NOT hesitate to buy a ticket!

Not long after, I once again made my way to the West Coast, pitched my tent at the Silverstroom Resort, watched as the hazy sun set over the coast, and listened to mesmerizing line-up which included Mr Cat & The Jackal, Retro Dizzy and Medicine Boy. I watched as Moon Duo, a psychedelic rock band from San Francisco, took the stage with mind-blowing visuals that matched their electrifying sound.

Endless Daze 2016

The morning after, I was woken up by specks of sunlight shining into my tent. My friends and I gathered together for a quick beer and a cig before heading to the Velvet Morning Stage to listen to the acoustic vibes of The Hollow Body and Hezron Chetty, while mentally preparing ourselves for what was to come. Once the day turned to dusk, I threw on the biggest, furriest coat I could find, one that made me look like a gangsta, and tied my hair back… now, I was ready. I was blown away by the powerful presence of amazing bands like The Thirty Eights, Runaway Nuns, and Dangerfields. Then, the band we were all waiting for, called Oh Sees came on stage. Their sound was one that sent vibrations up my spine and travelled through the entirety of my body. It was absolutely exhilarating!

Endless Daze had done it again… but check Endless Daze 2017 out for yourself here:

Unfortunately, I missed Endless Daze in 2018, but this year I made sure to buy my ticket as soon as they became available! This year, the festival is taking place from 1 – 3 November at its usual spot at the Silverstroom Resort and I can’t wait to be in the presence of many amazing bands and artists like Dangerfields, BCUC, Yndian Mynah, Medicine Boy, Night Beats, Nikola Vlok and so, so, so, so many more!

Find out everything you need to know about Endless Daze 2019 here.

Check out the trailer for Endless Daze 2019:


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