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With Easter weekend just a few hours away, we’ve decided to stock up on our favourite alcoholic beverages, from wine to beer and everything in between! We here at 9Lives appreciate a good alcoholic beverage, and love to reminisce on the memories we make while enjoying our favourites. Take a look at what we’ll be drinking while celebrating this Easter weekend:


CBC Lager Craft Beer

R94.99 for four 440ml cans,

I will admit that I’m kind of a beer snob! When it comes to craft beer, I’m a basic bitch about it. A friend and I started our own beer appreciation club and went on many adventures to find the best craft beers. On one of these adventures, we headed to Spice Route one sunny December afternoon to try out the CBC range. This bottle of CBC Lager is a mix of malty sweetness and bitterness derived from the hops and cultured yeast. It’s an easy drinking beer that will leave you feeling fresh.

For enjoying after a long day at work or curing a babbelas, a CBC Lager is the best companion to have!


Villiera Jasmine 2017


This bottle of fragrant white wine is at the top of my list whenever it’s time to buy a bottle of vino, so when it was announced that we would be featuring our favourite drinks this week, it was my go-to. I love the Villiera wine farm, situated just off the R304 on the way to Stellenbosch, and this bottle is one of my absolute favourites (but if you have a chance to visit, try the bubbly as well!). Villiera describes this wine as “floral, slightly spicy white wine which is fresh, light and slightly sweet.” The Jasmine is a blend of 50% Moscato, 27% Riesling and 23% Gewürztraminer, which lends it the beautifully fragrant, almost off-dry flavour, and it’s light enough to enjoy on its own, as well as with a meal.


Beyerskloof Traildust Cinsaut/ Pinot Noir/ Pinotage 2016


The colder weather is slowly but surely creeping in, which means it’s finally time to pop the cork on that red wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion! One of my special occasion wines is the Beyerskloof Traildust Cinsaut, Pinot Noir, Pinotage blend, which I’ve been saving in my grandad’s cellar since 2016. This Cape Blend is a tribute to the legacy of Pinotage by uniting the unique South African cultivar with its heritage, Pinot noir and Cinsaut, and has flavours of oak, dark red cherries and a slight hint of sweetness — perfect for drinking in front of a roaring fireplace while the rain is pouring down outside!


The Original Gordon’s London Dry Gin

R219 for 1 liter,

After a long day at work, nothing hits the spot like a sip of cool-as-a-cucumber G&T. In fact, gin is my boozy charmer that may or may not have left me slightly more than tipsy before.  While I’m a massive fan of the flavour fusions the craft gin trend inspires, Gordon’s gin is a classic. My uncle from the UK left me a whopping one liter bottle of The Original Gordon’s London Dry Gin – and we were keen oh-so-keen to board the gin train. Triple distilled from a secret blend of juniper berries, citrus and various botanicals, this OG gin has a distinctive aroma on the nose, and a crisp taste that carries through. While I love lemon as a garnish, I always add cucumber to the mix for some extra refreshing deliciousness.  I’m looking forward to trying out different garnishes to complement my new bottle of Gordon’s. The other day, The Meeting Place in Stellenbosch served me a sensationally unique combo of G&T with strawberries and berry tea – which I’m definitely going to try replicate!


Gran Bigote Coffee tequila 

R124.90 for 750ml, Harleys Liquor Store, Cape Town 

Coffee and tequila, the two words that makes many hearts happy. Silky and smooth with Mezcal and coffee on the nose and palate – this delicious tequila-based drink is the perfect aperitif for after dinner. I personally love this Proudly South African brand, not only for the taste but also because it fits right into my budget. You can add Gran Bigote to a multitude of delicious cocktails, but I personally believe it’s best enjoyed chilled on its own.


What will you be drinking this long-weekend? Let us know in the comments below! 



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