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Ah, sweet summertime! The days are longer and the nights shorter which leaves a lot of time for basking in the sun, sipping on cocktails (or beers), and hitting the beach. Unfortunately, your skin and body can feel the strain of too many hours in the sun and too many mint Mojitos.

Here, we’re sharing our favourite summer products, perfect for beach bags and fighting the summertime sadness of burnt and tired looking skin. Keep reading to learn how to foster your most beautiful summer body all season long.

Caré: Mavala Mini Colour nail polish

R86.95 for 5ml,

Summer Beauty Round-Up - Mavalla Nail Polish

Sometimes a splash of colour is all you need to transform your summer outfit from meh to yeah! I love wearing neutrals, but the downside is that it can make my outfit feel pretty dull sometimes. That’s why I decided to shop for some fun, bright coloured nail polish (not my usual go-to) this summer and I’m really impressed with the difference it can make.

The Mavala Mini Colour nail polish comes in tiny 5ml bottles. And that’s exactly what makes it my new favourite. Not only is it easy to throw into any bag when you’re in a hurry, but you can actually use the entire bottle before it becomes dry and sticky. It always feels like such a waste to throw away half a bottle of nail polish, but unfortunately that’s the reality. This was such a smart (and actually really simple) concept from Mavala.

Elené: Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Mist

R400 for 200ml, Selected aesthetic doctors and practitioners, and online from, and

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water Mist

As I’m writing this, we are smack bam in the middle of an intense heat wave in Stellenbosch and for me dehydration is a real challenge. My lips get cracked, my skin suffers and, on top of all that, it is extremely hot. I heard some good advice recently that said if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated and you therefore need to keep drinking water throughout the day. This may seem logical, but for someone like me who doesn’t enjoy drinking water, it is a real challenge.

The same goes for my skin. The moment you notice that your skin is dry, you actually have to put in double the effort to get your skin on track again. During December, I took the Esthederm Cellular Water with me wherever I went. I applied it in the morning before my skincare products, at lunch and then once again in the late afternoon. Not only was it refreshing and cooling, it moisturised my skin and gave it a beautiful, healthy glow.

Interesting to note is that Cellular Water is actually the main ingredient of the Institut Esthederm formulas. The mist acts as a serum enriched with hyaluronic acid, giving it anti-aging properties.

Nina: Nivea Love Shower Gel Adventure Aloe Fresh Scent

R36.99 for 250 ml,

Nivea Love Shower Gel Adventure Aloe Fresh Scent 

Initially I thought soap was just soap – it’s meant to clean and leave you feeling refreshed right? Wow, was I wrong. This aloe scented shower gel’s scent stays with you the entire day and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Expert tip! Because the product contains aloe, it helps to heal sunburned skin. If a long beach day is in your near future, place the shower gel in your fridge. When you take a shower after some extensive fun in the sun, the cold, soothing properties of the soap and aloe is life changing. Dare I say, you can feel your skin thanking you for Nivea Love Shower Gel’s healing properties. The design of the bottle is also compact and flat, not taking up a lot of space in your travel or beach bag.

It’s the perfect form of rejuvenation after a very long, very hot day.

Marié: Lancôme ‘Fix It Forget It’ Setting Spray

R430 for 100ml,

Lancome Fix It Forget It Setting Spray

Fix It Forget It. Sounds too good to be true, especially in the scorching Cape Town sun. But I gave Lancôme ‘Fix It Forget It’ Setting Spray the benefit of the doubt and off I went.

I used the 2019 Secrets of Summer New Year’s Eve Festival to test this setting spray, with my best friend and I fixing our make-up seconds before we entered the festival’s gates. The Festival started at 13:00 with the likes of Jack Parow and “Dans Dans Dans…” is what we did the whole day, ending at 4 in the morning. After getting home and heading upstairs for a much-needed bath, a glance in the mirror showed my face looking pretty damn good for someone that had jumped up and down for a whole day (like really good, and I’m not the most flawless looking girl when I’m in the party mode).

This Setting Spray provides a natural-looking, mattifying result to help keep your make-up looking fresh AF for longer. It’s infused with kiwi fruit extract, moringa, oleifera seed extract and witch hazel leaf extract. It’s not sticky and does not settle on fine lines or imperfections.

Fix It Forget It. Most definitely! If you ever need the perfect partner for a Trance festival, then swipe right on Lancôme ‘Fix It Forget It’ Setting Spray.

Tasha: Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette Spray

R390 for 100ml,

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette Spray

I’m not one for heavy scents, preferring lighter and fresher scents to powerful musky perfume. The Green Tea Fig Eau de Toilette is perfect, though, with lighter aromatic fragrances that suit the summer days perfectly. The simple scents of citrus, fig leaf, tea and ivy make it ideal for everyday wear, while a little bit of complexity is added through hints of musk, clary sage and Tonka Bean. This simple and easy-going perfume has found a spot in my handbag for the summer months.

Angelique: NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection SPF50

R523.00 for 50ml,

NeoStrata® Sheer Physical Protection SPF50

There’s nothing better than a little bit of summer and nothing worse than a full-coverage foundation smothering your pores in the sweltering heat. Much to my relief, I discovered the NeoStrata Sheer Physical Protection with SPF50 days before attending a summer music festival. Easy to apply with a lightweight feel and just enough coverage to hide imperfections, it has become my go-to when the only two words to describe the weather are “humid” and “sticky”.

Say bye-bye to your orange-tinted face and white neck if you’ve got fair skin like me. This physical broad-spectrum sunscreen has a sheer universal tint that blends with your natural skin tone. It’s also suitable for all skin types because it is oil-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, and non-acnegenic which is a bonus for a sensitive-skinned gal like me. I also love that this product helps to preserve and strengthen my skin, while also promoting healthy skin with ingredients like an antioxidant PHA/Bionic complex, Green Tea Extract, Lactobionic Acid, and Vitamin E. It’s the ultimate all-in-one sunscreen and I’m obsessed!

P.S. You probably shouldn’t use this if you’re planning on swimming because it’s not water-resistant.
P.P.S. Make sure to shake the bottle before dispensing the product.

Liezel: Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Spray for Children SPF50+

R295 for 200ml, select pharmacies

Eau Thermale Avène Very High Protection Spray for Children SPF50+

This was my first holiday with baba and I was completely obsessed with protecting her soft skin against the harsh December sun. I loved this SPF from Eau Thermale Avène. It’s been formulated for sensitive skin, without any potentially irritating fragrances. It is super quick and easy to apply, without any white residue, and the spray is helluva convenient when you’re trying to grip a squirmy infant and shmeer them top to bottom with only one free hand. Another big bonus is the fact that Avène has formulated their sunscreens with sustainability in mind, minimising the negative impact of these ingredients on the ocean’s ecosystem. The only negative is the slightly sticky residue, which acted like a sand magnet. Final votes: We used it all summer on babies and grown-ups, and it got top marks.

Leandra: Labello Crayon Colour Lip Balm


Labello Crayon Colour Lip Balm

What’s better than spending the day at the beach? Doing it with tinted lip balm formulated with long-lasting moisture!

I spent most of my summer holidays without makeup, but this Labello lip balm made me look fresh and touched the entire time, even though I was only wearing lip balm. This balm lasted throughout the day, surviving even the swimming pool and beach. This is a must-have in any girl’s handbag or beach bag!

Are there any summer products in your beach bag that you feel should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!


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