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During the summer months, the V&A Waterfront is filled with a constant buzz of activity – locals and tourists weaving between shops and restaurants, buskers filling the air with vibrant music on every corner, enthusiastic salespeople promoting helicopter rides and sunset cruises to curious passersby, and in the background the constant screech of seagulls scavenging scraps of food – be in slap chips or remnants of a fine dining meal.

It is without a doubt a must-visit for anyone coming to the Mother City, whether you go for a mad shopping spree or just relax by the water enjoying a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and some fresh seafood.

Say hello to Firefish

Firefish is a brand new addition to the V&A’s “sunset strip”, a train of restaurants overlooking the harbour. If you feel like great seafood paired with a perfect view of Table Mountain, go give this one a try.

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Part of the Kove Collection, Firefish has a extensive menu that includes oysters, sushi, Dim Sum, seafood, and meat. They even have a small section dedicated to vegetarians.

We popped in for lunch on a perfect Sunday afternoon, taking a seat outside under the shaded pergola. I instantly loved the look and feel of the restaurant: sleek, sophisticated and airy, with light furnishings and plenty of plants that lend a tropical atmosphere.

The food

We ordered bits and pieces from across the menu to really get a feel for their offering and everything we tried was delicious.

My favourite was probably the Dim Sum and Little Bao’s from the Sharing Menu. We tried the Pulled Pork with Garlic, Ginger & Soy, and the Pulled Beef with Ginger, Garlic, Scallions and Red Onion. The dough was thin and light, packed with juicy, delicious fillings. The Pulled Short Rib Boa was equally tasty, with succulent meat folded between soft, fluffy buns.

From the mains we tried their Pan Fried Seabass, which was perfectly prepared with crispy skin and soft meat, served in a champagne and yuzu miso sauce with pickled ginger and crispy lotus root. The flavours were clean and simple and the execution was flawless.

The only thing we were unsure of was the dessert, a Burnt Matcha Cream with Sesame Wafers, Strawberries and a chocolate crumble. The matcha cream and sesame wafers were great together, but the addition of strawberries and strawberry sorbet (which tasted exactly like Steri Stumpie) threw me. I’d give this one a skip.

Final thoughts

Firefish is undoubtably aimed at the tourist market but as far as these spots go, I think they’re a good choice. The location is stunning and the food lived up to the view.

If you visit, I would recommend ordering a bunch of small servings from their Shared Menu. For me these were the standout dishes and the prices are also more accessible, starting at R60 a dish.

Price-wise they’re on the more expensive side, with meals starting at R65 for a starter and going up to R295 for a main.

Take note that Firefish isn’t actively working to sell SASSI approved seafood so double check before ordering. You can download the SASSI app to check whether your choice of seafood is sustainable or not.


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