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Grab your best girlfriend, because trust me you are not going to want to watch this alone. Firefly Lane, based on the novel by Kristin Hannah, tells the story of a 30-year friendship between two women and the ups and downs they face during this period. The series stars Katherine Heigl (Tully) and Sarah Chalke (Kate).

Modern Soapy

So, how do I call this series a soapy without sounding condescending… The best I can do is describe it as Egoli. I know, I know but just take this trip down memory lane with me. Remember how we all used to watch Egoli and no matter what ridiculous Chris Edwards plot twist they’d throw at us, we’d continue to tune in to find out what happens?

This is exactly how I experienced Firefly Lane, and that is not a bad thing. The relationship between the two women is very endearing. Their obvious co-dependency sets them up for quite a few dramas, and I feel that the intensity of the narrative leads to two well-rounded characters with definite personalities.

I’ve always found the representation of female friendships quite interesting and that is why I specifically made mention of Thelma and Louise in the title. Throughout my life, my mom and her best friend have been the embodiment of female friendship to me and Thelma and Louise have always portrayed that intimacy best – in my opinion.

And this is what really makes Firefly Lane worth the watch. The honesty that exists between Tully and Kate is heartwarming, their trials and triumphs are true to life and although (like with any soapy) some narratives and performances are exaggerated it does still drive the story forward.

Oh wow, so Katherine Heigel is back?

If I have to be totally honest, I jumped at the chance to see Firefly Lane because I was hella curious as to what she is up to these days. A lot has been written about how she is difficult to work with, which has nearly in the last few years almost totally ruined her career.

To be honest, I do understand why she has struggled as I feel she often opts for stand-offish characters, and Tully is no exception. I do think that this series provides her with the opportunity to have a stand-offish character that gets to reveal her redeeming qualities which is possible in the span of 10 episodes, and not always in movies which is her usual forte.

Firefly Lane releases on Netflix today.


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