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Since moving to Cape Town I’ve really struggled to find a gym that fits. The one I eventually joined is great but getting there from my office means being stuck in a solid bit of traffic and if you’ve dealt with Cape Town CBD at 5pm you’ll understand why that proves majorly inconvenient. Plus what if I want to try a different type of exercise? Sometimes I’m keen for a run. Other times I feel like yoga or Crossfit or ballet? Few gyms offer you all of these options. If you’re anything like me you might consider giving the FitKey app a go.

The FitKey Fitness App is a new type of gym membership that gives you access to fitness classes at a whole bunch of gyms and studios across South Africa. The membership is R495 per month (the first month is only R250) and class options include spinning, boxing, yoga, pilates, bootcamp, dance classes and even Jui Jitsu – depending obviously on the studios in your area. You can download and browse the app or web page for free to see if this is something you will use. You can then log in and sign up via the website if you want to reserve a class.

The app isn’t cheap but I do think you can get really good bang for your buck especially if you consider what things like studio classes and gym memberships cost these days. And you have access to a wider range of exercise options.

If you are a member of the Momentum Health Multiply rewards program, you can also tap into a whole bunch of benefits. Fitkey and Multiply have teamed up to launch the Rewards4ActiveDayz, which will give Multiply members 25% off their monthly FitKey membership when they sign up. To qualify, you simply need to participate in a FitKey class.

Since the aim is to get their members to move more, Multiply will also reward their active customers. The more “Active Dayz” you accumulate per month the more HealthReturns you earn. According to them, members can accumulate as much as R450 HealthReturns per month – which means cash back or discounts.

FitKey covers Cape Town incuding the Northern and Southern Suburbs, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Stellenbosch and Somerset West. You register on their website and after that you can book classes online or via the app. You can go to as many classes as you want each month and you can reserve three classes per studio per month. That means you need to mix it up between various studios if you want to go to a class every day – you can’t go to just one studio or gym.

Another cool thing is that the FitKey membership is on a one month cycle, so there is no long term commitment. It will automatically renew every month but you are also able to opt out when you feel like it. You can also put your membership on hold for as long as three months, for instance if you plan to go overseas for a while. Click here if you have more questions. Note, you need a credit card to sign up for this.

I think this is a cool way to add some spice to your exercise routine. Goodness knows going through the same motions at the gym every day can be seriously boring – does anyone else find jogging on a treadmill a super snooze-fest? This way getting fit is a bit more fun.

I plan on giving this one a go. If you’ve tried it, let me know if it has been working for you in the comments below.


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