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I haven’t really given my boobs much thought. But in the spirit of breast cancer awareness month, I thought it was time to write an ode to the twins. They made their debut somewhere in the awkward years, and pretty much stuck with me through thick and thin (although they were definitely more present through the thicker times – boob fat is a real thing).

I’ve got a little problem

So here’s the thing. I was super skinny around the age of 18 – 20, which of course left me with the boobs of a 7th grader. This brought its own problems like not being able to wear a boobtube of any kind, and basically looking like a pancake in my group of very blessed friends. But I soon learned that the bustier girls had problems of their own.

Average BoobsToday I am 24 years old and still stuck with the same average-sized boobs. The only difference is that I’ve learned to embrace them. This includes not taking for granted that I can jog and exercise without overthinking my choice of sport-bra. I can shop for tops without worrying about how my boobs will look in them. And I realised I don’t even like boobtubes.

Celebrating boobs of all shapes and sizes

I often hear one woman compliment another with an “OMG your boobs look amazing in that top” – and more than once I found myself thinking: “what does ‘amazing’ even mean down in boob-town?” I don’t think it should ever refer to size or shape – but simply be appreciated that boobs are exactly that: amazing! They can’t predict the weather, but they tell me when I’ve put on weight – or the other way around. They can feed our babies. It’s basically the first sign of becoming a woman. I mean we all remember the day we went bra-shopping for the first time, right?

Boobs. Are. Amazing. The big ones, the lumpy ones, the uneven ones, the dangling ones and you guessed it, the painfully average ones!

Average boobsSo there you have it. As an unofficial member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, I’m allowed to say that there’s nothing spectacular about my boobs. But, as much as a fruit salad needs its melons, it just wouldn’t be the same without the grapes.


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