Afrikaans rockstar Francois van Coke has dropped the music video for his latest single, “Die Wêreld is Mal”, off his new album, Hierdie Is Die Lewe.  The song speaks about all the crazy shit that is happening around us at the moment; things that make many of us lie awake. But this is not a song about everything that is wrong with the world. Instead van Coke has written a love song to his family, his haven from it all.

Van Coke shared the new video on Facebook, writing:

Ek was 23 toe ek begin toer het. Ek het regtig niks gehad nie, net ’n geel kamer en ’n matras. Dit was die ultimate om op die pad te gaan, want alles was beter daar. Die verblyf was beter as my kamer by die huis, ek kon elke dag musiek jol saam met my beste chommies en heeltyd party. Ek wou nooit huistoe gaan nie.

Nou, 14 jaar later is dinge effens anders. Ek bly in ’n huis waarvan ek hou, Ek het ’n vrou, ’n kind en ’n hond waarvoor ek lief is. Ek voel baie bevoorreg om te kan doen wat ek doen, maar dit is baie lekkerder om huistoe te gaan as toe ek jonger was. Dinge in ons land is mal, Donald Trump is president van die VSA, mense maak mekaar dood in die naam van geloof, daar is kernbomdreigemente uit Noord-Korea….Die wêreld is mal, maar jy is die uitsondering.

I was 23 when I started touring. I had nothing, just a yellow room and a mattress. It was the ultimate to hit the road, because everything was better there. The accommodation was better than my room at home; I could make music with my best mates every day and I could party all the time. I never wanted to go home. 

Now, 14 years later things are slightly different. I live in a house I like, I have a wife, a child and a dog that I love. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to do what I do, but it is much better to head home than when I was young. Things in our country are crazy, Donald Trump is president of the USA, people are killing each other in the name of religion, and there are nuclear weapons in North Korea… The world is crazy, but you are the exception. 

Check out Die Wereld is Mal below


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