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I have a thing for bread. And pastries. And pretty much anything that glorifies the bliss of a freshly baked treat. I scout out the best bakeries, lured by that comforting scent wafting from their ovens. I love sampling every morsel on display, from the fluffiest doughnuts to the crispiest croissants.

When I moved back to Stellenbosch, I quickly fell for Schoon, which is by far my favourite when it comes to all things dough. Their sourdough bread is a staple in our office and their cronuts have recently become my new addiction. So when I heard about their new digs in the heart of Franschhoek, I knew I had to pay them a visit. Fresh bread in a quaint French-heritage town? Oh yes!

Franschhoek Bread Café is located on the main road, near the Huguenot Museum (it shares a courtyard with Marigold). We joined them for brunch on the Sunday over Bastille weekend, when the streets turn into a red, white and blue affair, and all sorts of French-inspired foods are put on display to tempt visitors.

Schoon Franschhoek Bread Cafe 9LivesSchoon Franschhoek Bread Cafe 9LivesSchoon Franschhoek Bread Cafe 9Lives

Their cosy interior was soon buzzing with eager customers and outside people packed at tables, pulling their chairs into the warming winter sun.

Aside from a selection of bread and pastries (which were nearly all snapped up before we arrived by the way) you can also join them for breakfast or lunch. Like everything Schoon, the menu goes back to the heart of what it means to eat real, really good food. Their options are simplistic and wholesome, from mieliepap made using Lowerland organic stoneground maize meal, to the utterly indulgent treats like brioche french toast served with crispy bacon and fresh banana.

Schoon Franschhoek Bread Cafe 9LivesSchoon Franschhoek Bread Cafe 9LivesSchoon Franschhoek Bread Cafe 9LivesFranschhoek is packed with fancy fine dining spots and a fair amount of overpriced eateries geared at international visitors. So it was refreshing to find a place that goes back to what it’s all about: great produce and wholesome food.

The Franschhoek Bread Café is open Monday to Friday 07:00 – 16:00 and from 08:00 – 15:00 over weekends. For more info, visit schoon.co.za


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