Getting into Podcasts - Five great ones to start with!
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Although podcasts seem to be a big thing these days, I’ve never really thought about listening to one myself. I get bored quite easily, so the thought of spending around 50 minutes of my time listening to people talk wasn’t exactly appealing. Still, I decided to give it a try, partly because I’m tired of the look I get when people find out I don’t listen to podcasts, and partly because I’m curious and need a new hobby.

After a bit of research and recommendations, here are the five podcasts I tried out.

Stuff You Should Know

Ranging from topics like art, drugs, food and movies, to neuroscience, space and true crime, the Stuff You Should Know podcast is likely to have at least one topic that will interest you. The podcasts are 30 to 60 minutes long. Scrolling through, trying to find my first pick, I noticed that some of the episode topics are extremely random. “What is Ghost fishing?”, “Can movies be cursed?” and “How Giraffes work” were some of the ones that made me question what I was looking at. My first episode was “How Twinkies Work”.

The episode covered everything there is possible to know – the length of the Twinkie, who founded the Twinkie, the entire baking process, the original flavours, as well as a whole lot of other non-useful information. When you’re looking for entertaining, interesting and quite possibly useless information, give Stuff You Should Know a try.


The girls from Adultsh1t cover all the topics that may be awkward to talk about but need to be talked about. Topics include “Eating disorders and mental health”, “Being a stripper and finding happiness”, “When your depression returns”and “Gyno horror stories and sex drive”. I listened to a few of their podcasts and if you’re sensitive to swearing and dirty humour – this is not for you. But if you enjoy listening to women being incredibly direct about real-life topics that some are afraid to talk about, while combining it with a lot of silly jokes, give it a listen.


For something a bit more serious – Serial is an investigative, documentary-styled podcast that covers true stories on topics like homicide. This is a series of podcasts that follow on each other, so it can be cool for people who enjoy following a tv series. I listened to Episode 1 of Season 1, the story of a guy who claimed to be wrongly convicted for the murder of his girlfriend, as told by the journalist investigating the case. I can see how Serial can become addictive, you get drawn into the story so easily.

Woman of the Hour

Woman of the Hour is a mini-podcast hosted by Lena Dunham, where she invites other female guests to chat about basically all aspects of being a woman, such as work, love and our bodies. Episodes include topics “Faith & spirituality”, “Trauma and triumph” and one I’m listening to asap – “Cats”. I listened to the episode “Body”, with guests Aidy Bryant, Janet Mock and Emily Ratajkowski. Entertaining and easy to listen to, while dealing with serious questions we face as women daily, this one is definitely worth giving a shot.

The Moth

Another non-fiction podcast, The Moth shares the stories of individuals on real-life topics of our everyday life and humanity. I listened to the episode “The Kindness of Strangers” which featured stories of individuals that experienced amazing acts of goodness from people they didn’t know. I found this episode to be extremely real and just a good way of adding a bit of positivity and perspective to your day. Some of the other episodes include “Surviving being human”, “Grandparents, pole dancing and lust” and “Three cheers from three mothers”.

Being relatively resistant to trying podcasts out, I had a rather positive experience listening to these ones. I find it convenient to fit these into my day by listening to it while driving to work and I saw a few other Podcasts that I’m very eager to try out.

Do you have any favourite podcasts you can recommend? Pop them in the comments section below!


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