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“There’s something going on. Right now, in the world. They don’t want to grow up! I mean, you see loads of people shuffling around in t-shirts with Zap or Pow, or whatever on it. They hang around together, and they stay inside the house playing video games! You know what I mean? BIP BIP! I don’t understand the names of the- but y’know, the WORLD OF BIP!”

So, there’s this thing called video games. Compact cartridges containing adventures that transport you to distant worlds, present you with a hero’s destiny and prophecies to fulfill, challenge you to be the best player in the arena or speedster on the race track, reward you with every puzzle solved, and celebrate a new high-score reached.

Oh, you’re new to this aren’t you. Well, allow me to be your guide into the wonderful WORLD OF BIP!

If you happen to be dating someone enchanted by the possibilities of taming dragons as they wander aimlessly, ignoring their quest and punching every shopkeep in sight, I’m sure that on more than one occasion you’ve tried to get to the bottom of the sudden outbursts of frustration and joy, perplexed by the anguished and relieved facial expressions of your fellow adventurer… I mean, significant other.

“So, new game, huh?”

“Yeah! This is [enter game title with an unnecessarily convoluted plot and button commands that even a trained spider couldn’t hit]”

It’s crucial to temper your excitement as to not frighten ‘the subject’. Remember, barfing rainbows is best when you can barf together.

“Lemme see! You know, I’ve never understood why you spend so much time on this stuff.”


Phase 1: Curiosity

Relinquish the game controller to your fellow adventurer as they embark on a journey as the greatest hero in the realm, and… they’re dead.

“What happened?!”

“You drowned.”

“What?! You mean, this guy can storm castles with nothing but his bare fists, but he can’t swim?!”

“… Yup.”

After many unskippable dialogue scenes, a myriad of dreadful deaths and several arrows to the knees, your fellow adventurer may be ready to hang up their dragonscale boots for good.

“This game sucks! Argh!”

“Wait! Before you toss that controller… maybe this game isn’t for you. I mean, there’s a vast variety of genres to choose from, each remarkably different and endlessly enjoyable.”


Phase 2: Exploration

If Phase 1 fails, your fellow adventurer may display a distinct expression of disinterest with a hint of despair, but fear not. Together we’ll discover the perfect introduction to the wondrous WORLD OF BIP!

You got this! With the sensitivity of a seismograph, search for signs of life in your significant other’s response as you summarise: Do you like storytelling? Or perhaps puzzle solving? Do you relish the challenge of competition?

“Dude, wait… what?”

If you have an unquenchable love of storytelling, Role-Playing Games will transport you to faraway lands of myths and magic as you explore expansive and enchanting worlds in grand adventures of multi-faceted narratives lead by strong protagonists. For my fellow adventurers, I recommend Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Super Nintendo epic, Chrono Trigger.


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE

If you would like to test your mental might, mastering the unique physics and complex rules of Puzzle Games will push problem-solving skills, such as sequence solving and pattern recognition to new heights with every logical and conceptual challenge conquered. For my fellow puzzle solvers, I recommend FEZ, Monument Valley and Another World.


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE

If you would like to lay the smackdown on some pitiable fools, I recommend leaping into combat with Action Games and bravely battling through sub-genres such as: Shooter Games like Destiny 2, which challenge you to target and dispatch opponents with a wide variety of tactical weaponry; Beat ’em Ups and Fighting Games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, in which you brave brawls with enemies using close-range melee attacks; Hack and Slash Games like Darksiders III, that take flight with fast paced flurries of weapon-based combat; and Platform Games like Celeste, which test your reflexes in creatively constructed obstacle courses as you traverse treacherous terrain to reach the goal.


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE

If you don’t have time to invest in immersive virtual worlds, fear not! The accessibility of Casual Games does away with laborious learning curves and are designed to be played spontaneously and irregularly, allowing you to brutally bash a group of Goblins during your lunch break or best a brain-teaser while waiting for the kettle to boil. For my fellow Casual Gamers, I recommend World of Warships, Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 and the brilliantly fun Ultimate Chicken Horse.


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE

“Whoa, wait… stop! That’s a whole lot of information. I was thinking… isn’t there something we could play together?”

Ah! Co-op Games! It’s time to gather your friends and unite in an unbeatable team to brave any challenge! In Co-op Games you’re able to assist your fellow players by performing cooperative maneuvers to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and face frightening odds together. With our powers combined, we’ll defeat Overcooked, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Portal 2!


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Watch the trailer HERE


Phase 3: The moment of truth

Your fellow adventurer may express and endearing sigh of both excitement and exhaustion — this is a good sign… I think.

In the end, I don’t think it’s about the games, regardless of how breathtakingly epic and enchanting they may be. I believe the best way to get your significant other into gaming, is you.

“Y’know, I think I’m ready for an adventure.”

“Really? It’s dangerous to go alone… take me with you?”

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