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Christmas is almost here again, and that means that it’s almost time to come up with gift ideas and wrap presents, (I love wrapping presents)! Unlike previous years where my wish lists were filled with more frivolous items like fairy lights (which I also love), I’ve settled on more useful and quote unquote “grown up” items for the grown up I’m attempting to be. I’d like to think that this gift guide will come in handy while shopping for adult-ish twenty somethings who love their pets, plants and Harry Potter.

Benji + Moon Leather Cat Collar for cat moms


If you’ve followed my blog posts in the past you’ll know that I absolutely love my animals and anything related to them. While I’m not one of those people who buy their pets gifts for Christmas, I do really love these vegetable-tanned genuine leather cat collars with their breakaway buckle that opens if the collars catch on anything.

I happened on the Benji + Moon stall at Kamers Makers at Stellenbosch and absolutely fell in love with everything from their ceramic pet bowls to the leather cat collars to the kitty starter kits. These collars and kits are perfect for anyone who’s as obsessed with their animals as I am.

Benji + Moon Leather Cat Collar

A little something extra with an enamel cat pin


This little pin is just something extra that caught my eye while browsing through Almost Famous in Stellenbosch. I love collecting odd little pins whether it’s pop-fiction related or something cute and quirky. And since this one is cat-themed, I decided to snatch it up as a little stocking stuffer for someone as cat-crazy as myself, or for someone who has an eclectic sense of style.

Filling the plant need with a potted succulent

I’m notoriously bad at keeping plants alive for extended periods of time, but I love them and I tend to keep buying them despite my lack of a green thumb. What I have found to be able to keep alive are succulents, though. So while my boyfriend takes over the watering of the roses, jasmine and anything else I might possibly kill, I am responsible for keeping the succulents alive. And in an endeavour to fill my need for tending to green things, this potted succulent is on my list. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also hardy and doesn’t need to be watered as often as other plants. So if you know someone who, like me, has a love for plants but can’t seem to keep them alive, consider a succulent to satiate that plant-lust.

This potted succulent came from the Stellenbosch Chritsmas Market that the 9Lives team recently went on an outing to, but something similar can easily be found from any Stodels, Cape Garden Centre or any other similar garden centre.

Potted Succulent

Free a house elf with Gryffindor Socks!


I love socks. And I love Harry Potter. So these Harry Potter themed socks, which absolutely fit the bill, are high on my wishlist. So while this isn’t exactly an adult item per se, it is practical enough to warrant a spot on my list. Plus they are super cute and kinda geeky, so I love them. Typo is currently filled with all things Harry Potter and they have these socks in gray and black, in all four house colours. I might even ask for a matching scarf to go with the socks…. This gift is perfect for fellow Potterheads and pretty much anyone who needs to stock up on their sock drawer.

Gryffindor socks Typo

Gift some escapism with a book or two

Darkdawn, Jay Kristoff: R310,
Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Laini Taylor: R200,

In our family, it’s a long standing tradition to buy someone something to entertain themselves with over the festive period. In my case, that’s (stacks of) books. While I’ve chosen to highlight two books of the fantasy genre here, this will obviously be tailored to the person whose tastes you are catering to. Personally, I love getting and gifting books because it’s a great way to immerse yourself in a different world for a short period of time #escapism. For an even more personal touch, write a short inscription to that special someone on the inside cover of the book.

While you will need to know a little about the person you’re buying for, it sends the message that you’ve really tried to get to know them. And that, to me, makes it just that much more special.

Books for Christmas

The Nataniël Collection Glass Flute


My boyfriend and I recently moved out into our own apartment so that I could be closer to work, and while we checked the tumblers and wine glasses off the list, we may have forgotten about one of the more important items…. The champagne glasses.

I know, gasp. No house is complete without a set of nice champagne glasses, and this set of glass flutes from the Nataniël collection are absolutely stunning. They would make the perfect addition to any brunch affair or dinner table.

Nathaniel Glass Flutes


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