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Let’s not kid ourselves here. Having a good cry over a movie while hugging a bottle of wine is what life is all about. It’s even better when you find a feel-good film where love beats the system and you learn a valuable life lesson about happiness and priorities all in one go. I think Gifted is going to be this kind of gem and it’s definitely going on my “to watch” list the next time the husband leaves town.

The story follows Frank Adler (Chris Evans), a single man who discovers that his spirited niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) is actually a child prodigy. He wants Mary to live a normal life in school, but when her exceptional mathematical abilities comes to light he suddenly has to decide whether he wants to propel her into a world for the gifted. He experiences even more pressure when his mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan) steps into the picture and threatens to separate Frank and Mary.

The cast also includes the ever brilliant Octavia Spencer as Roberta, Frank’s landlady and best friend, and Jenny Slate as Mary’s teacher, Bonnie. It was directed by Marc Webb, who also sat behind 500 Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man films. Promising.

Watch the Gifted trailer below. What do you think?


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