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This Valentine’s Day I decided to be proactive. There are still two weeks to go, but I’m already logging out of all social media to avoid the wave of engagement posts heading my way. Yes, I’m single. But the way I see it, I have two options. I can stay in bed with chocolate while crying over a Nicholas Sparks tear-jerker (which isn’t really my thing). Or I can get my girls and have a proper girls Valentine’s Day where we shamelessly celebrate our independence.

“We’re going to be staying up late, drinking, making memories that we can laugh about for the rest of our lives, because that’s what a girls’ trip is for.” – Girls trip

If you’re not particularly stoked about what bae has planned for the weekend of the 14th, because let’s face it, what bae? Then join the club. I’ve compiled a list of things to do for you and your favourite girls on Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to go out day drinking or treat yourselves to some fancy gig – I’ve got you covered.

Watch a classic Rom-com at the Galileo Open Air Cinema

Who said this event is for couples only? The best Romantic Comedies are obviously watched with your girlfriends. Treat yourselves in the beautiful Stellenbosch Wine Valley for an outdoor cinema experience. For only R250 per person you get a blanket, backrest, welcome drink and chocolates (and romantic decor, but we’ll just donate that to the couple next to us).

Here are the deets:

Movie: About Time
Date: 14 February 2020
Time: Doors open 17:00, movie starts at 20:00
Place: Nooitgedacht Wine Estate


Fairview Cheese and Wine Tasting

There’s only one thing that can make wine better than it already is – pairing it with cheese and sharing with your favourite people! Fairview is one of my favourite places in the Winelands (full disclosure, I’m there for the cheese). It’s also one of the most popular places in the area, and for good reason, so make sure to book a table ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Try one of these tastings while spending the day at Fairview:

Beryl Back Tasting – R80 per person
Eight wines, selection of cheeses and olive oil

Wine and Cheese tasting – R60 per person
Six wines, selection of cheeses

Farmer’s Tasting – R70 per person
A daily selection of six wines, paired with four cheeses and two cured meats.


Relax at a local spa

This is actually the number one thing on my to-do list for Valentine’s Day this year. Well, sort of. With a day job it’s hardly possible to spend a full weekday with a massage and a glass of sparkling wine. So we settled for the Saturday instead, and turned Valentine’s Day into a Valentine’s Week! Hit up a spa near you – a back massage and manicure is all you need to forget that you’re single.

Here’s a few of my favourite spas in the Winelands:

Camelot @ Val de Vie
Mangwanani Winelands
Delaire Graff


Markets Markets Markets!

This is something you can do on any other day, but it’s always a hit! Market foods, wine, craft beers, thrifting, and fresh produce are a few of my favourite things. What’s not to love? Most markets are only open on Saturdays or Sundays, but paired with a fondue-and-wine Valentine’s evening at home, this can very well be a weekend to remember.


Stay at home

When you make last-minute plans it’s not always easy to get reservations at all the hip-and-happening events. And let’s face it, sometimes your budget just doesn’t allow you to go out. But that’s no reason for you to not have a good time. Below is a list of fun things to do at home.

Movie night with ice cream

I know, watching a rom-com with snacks and a tub of ice cream sounds like a pretty sad night. But studies show (and by studies I mean I’ve tried it a few times) that if you add two or three of your favourite girlfriends then you’re bound to have a pretty good Valentine’s evening. All you need is a Christmas bed, homemade popcorn, ice cream and someone with a streaming service account.


If you don’t know what to watch, here’s a list of some of our favourite movies to rewatch for a good laugh.

Fondue, wine and games-night

Now this one is a little old-school. I was lucky enough to get my mom’s old fondue sets, but if you don’t own one you can just wing it by making a cheese sauce on the stove and using it as a dip. It’s not the real deal but it’s pretty close. Let everyone bring a bottle of wine, a board game and a fondue-able snack, and you’re set, spending a minimal amount of money.


Games night, but with a twist

This one is for the girls who want to have a little male company on Valentine’s Day, regardless that they are single AF. One of my friends was the inspiration behind this idea, and while this has the potential to be a bit awkward, it sounds like so much fun! Here’s the deal: each girl’s name goes into a hat or box and everyone gets to draw one name from it. You then arrange a blind date for the person whose name you’ve drawn, but it won’t be a one-on-one date (which makes it a little less awkward). Everyone gets together at the same house for a games night and your chosen date will be your partner throughout the evening. Arrange some snacks and a whole lot of wine, and you might be set for an actual Valentine next year. Bonus!



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