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With the hundreds of articles on the negative side of social media, we often find ourselves unable to see the positive influence that it has made. Apart from the fact that it has brought us that much closer, across continents and across language barriers, it has also enabled us to express ourselves creatively in new and innovating ways.

Instagram is one of these platforms that allow its users to marry visuals and text creatively and to share that with the world in a way that we could not before. Except for the benefit of creative expression, it creates communities around art and art forms that has, in the case of for example Facebook’s Artidote, served as avenues for expression on mental health issues, loneliness, loss, heartache and more.

Let’s take a look at five of the most famous Instagram poets. Some of these poets have also started venturing into print with their own volumes, while others’ writings can often be seen in tattoos and other influencers’ posts.


This Canadian Instagram poet has more than 735 000 followers, which includes the actress Emma Roberts and model Karlie Kloss. Although we do not know a whole lot about him, we do know that he is somewhere in his twenties, hails from British Columbia and has published his first volume Love Her Wild in July 2017. His verses are short, mostly not more than two lines, and includes love, heartache, and the female form as themes.

‘Broken Thing’ #atticuspoetry #atticus #broken #love

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The bohemian poet, Christoper Pointdexter, writes about the human condition and with around 345 000 followers we can agree that his musings have captured the attention of thousands. Pointdexter has also published a few poetry volumes of which Naked Human is the most famous. Poems on his Instagram account are published in a typewriter font, mostly against an aged background.


Probably the most famous Insta-poet is the reclusive Miami poet, R.M. Drake. His account has 1,8 million followers and has been quoted and retweeted by the likes of Sophia Bush and Kim Kardashian. R.M. Drake brought his poetry to Instagram in 2012, thereafter also releasing two novels, a collection of short stories and a few poetry volumes.


Alicia Cook, who has a few best selling poetry volumes under her belt, works for the Huffington Post and regularly posts on her Instagram account with nearly 225 000 followers. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Cook published her famous ‘An Open Letter To The Shore Kids’ poem, which went viral overnight and she has been posting ever since. Most of her poetry is written in verse, and also includes excerpts from longer form prose.

Excerpt of “Told Myself,” a song in I Hope My Voice Doesn’t Skip. Co-Written and performed by @carlymoffa. Fun story about this piece…it is one of my favorites from my upcoming collection and almost didn’t even make it into the book. After spending FOUR MONTHS writing this piece, I still just didn’t think it was ready for the manuscript. I ended up locking it down right under the wire over Thanksgiving break. I always imagined this piece to be a song, but thought for sure that it was too late to get it properly recorded. Then @carlymoffa entered my life and loved the song and made it her own. Again, just under the wire! | Song is coming your way TOMORROW!! Hope ya like it! #amwriting #carlymoffa #americanidol @americanidol #writerslife #ihopemyvoicedoesntskip #aliciacook #breakupquotes #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram

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This last entry, Instagram artist and poet Sarah Bahbah, is unlike any other on the list. Her Instagram is filled with imagery of models, actors and is set in cinematic-style scenes, paired with a single line of text, which Bahbah describes as her ‘internal dialogue’. Her art has been on exhibition in New York and Europe since March 2018 and she has recently collaborated with Gucci doing an online campaign for their Guilty Absolute fragrance.

Do you have a favourite Instagram Poet? Pop your recommendations in the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you.


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