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1 in 28 South African women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. It’s a reality that many of us face, and we all want to know that we’ll receive the support we need.

You can do your bit with a fantastic new initiative from Roche: #GiveYourBraForBreastCancer. The campaign is asking women to donate a pre-loved bra in any size, colour, any style and any condition in aid of Reach for Recovery.

Roche will proudly donate R10 to Reach for Recovery for every bra donated throughout the campaign. Money raised will be donated to Reach for Recovery for the work they do for breast cancer survivors.

Reach for Recovery is a support programme that supports more than 5 500 breast cancer patients each year, and helps them restore their confidence, especially after undergoing a mastectomy. Survivors who choose not to opt for breast reconstruction surgery can give the appearance of the breast, with a breast prosthesis – a free service offered by Reach for Recovery.

“Good quality mastectomy bras are an everyday necessity for survivors of breast cancer who choose to use an artificial breast following surgery. Bras help with the healing process and empower survivors to return to a normal lifestyle,” said Stephné Jacobs, chairperson at Reach for Recovery.

The breast prosthesis is an artificial breast worn inside the bra and is available in different shapes, sizes and colours.

It can prevent, spinal curvature as a result of imbalance, and muscle contracture in neck or back pain.

Not only does the breast prosthesis restore the natural appearance of the breast, but it also maintains body balance, and helps survivors deal with the trauma of their cancer treatment.

With 137 treatment centres across 6 provinces, Reach for Recovery relies on volunteers, who themselves are breast cancer survivors, to support newly diagnosed patients.

Early cancer diagnosis and treatment is vital to saving lives, and Roche South Africa encourages women to do a self-breast exam #Every30Days. Roche has advice on how to check your breasts which can be found on roche.co.za.

Be part of this inspiring initiative and #GiveYourBraForBreastCancer. Make your donation at an oncology practice or State hospitals near you.


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