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 Are you one of those people who enjoy watching “get ready with me” make-up tutorials on YouTube, but then think to yourself, “Cool story Nikkie, but how on earth am I supposed to recreate this full glam look in five minutes before running out the door, because I’m already late for work?” 

Well, me too. Hi, I’m Eden, and I’m new here. I love make-up and sleeping late, so come get ready with me and I’ll show you how to create an easy but flawless everyday make-up look in 15 minutes.


First things first – foundation. I’ve been using the Wet ‘n Wild Photo Focus foundation for over a year now and it has quickly become one of my all-time favourites. The medium coverage, semi-matte finish is super easy to wear and doesn’t oxidise.  I use my fingers to apply it, because no one has time to run to the bathroom to somewhat wet a beauty blender.


Next is brows. Now, brace yourselves… I use the dark brown shades in my eyeshadow palette, because more products mean more drama. *Cue beauty gurus shaking in their boots.* Get yourself an angled brow brush or a flat definer brush, which is what I use, and fill those babies in.


Once those brows are looking nice and full, it’s time for concealer. Add some concealer in a triangular shape underneath your eyes, a bit on the lid and dab dab dab. Don’t worry too much about getting the best one on the market, it’s just there to brighten up your eyes and create a beautiful blank canvas for the eyeshadow.


Now for eyeshadow. I only use 3-4 shades, because what more do you need? The SophX eyeshadow palette from Revolution is incredible. The palette has mostly neutral shades, which is perfect for an everyday look, and has a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers. The mattes are so buttery and soft, and the shimmer shades pay off so well.

Using a blending brush, I apply a semi-light shade above the crease, followed by a medium shade in the crease and a darker shade in the outer corner of my eye. Neutral warm tones are great for any occasion and blend well together. And do not forget to blend! Give the lid some love with a bit of shimmer using an eyeshadow brush. I like using gold and bronze tones for a warm look that brightens up my face.


Again, to keep things simple, I use my flat definer brush and black eyeshadow to create the illusion of eyeliner. You can use normal eyeliner or skip this step altogether.


We’re almost done! With 5 minutes left on the clock it’s time for the big guns. Get some bronzer or contouring powder (because they’re really the same thing), and using a big bronzer brush create those chiseled cheek-bones. Don’t forget the forehead and jawline.


Time to shine! Highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, the inner corner of your eyelids, nose and any other parts of your face that the light hits naturally.

Finishing Touches

Finish off by underlining your eye with the medium-toned eyeshadow you used earlier, and apply some mascara and lipstick to complete the look.

Now look at you, Gorgeous! I would say seal the deal with setting spray, but mine has been finished for over a month and has effectively taken about three seconds off this routine.

I hope you’ve learnt not to take makeup too seriously, but also how to look seriously great. Come get ready with me another time, where I might just attempt a cut crease.


I like pretty things and spend way too much time on the internet. Vintage vines and memes are my love language, but feel free to send me a Woolies voucher instead. I still want to be a Constantia mom when I grow up.

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