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There has always been something magical about Paarl for me. From the moment you drive into Paarl, with the mountains hugging you until you leave. I’ve always felt as though I’m at home when I’m in Paarl. Which is why I jumped at the opportunity to visit the Viande Restaurant at Grande Roche Hotel. 

The iconic Grande Roche Hotel introduces the Viande Restaurant under the mighty steer of TV chef personality Pete Gaffe-Wood. 

Here you can experience heartfelt food that will leave you wanting more. My day spent at Viande was the perfect start to a pretty good weekend. As I walked through the doors of the Grand Roche Hotel I was transported to a world full of soul and heart. I was greeted by the new owners of the Grande Roche Hotel, Hansie and Theresa Britz, sipped some champagne and enjoyed a mini tour of the newly refurbished Grande Roche Hotel. As we inhaled the crisp air of the Paarl, I was told that most of the furniture in the Grande Roche Hotel is reworked. In the past, only guests of the hotel could enjoy an evening at the restaurant, but Viande is open to the public to enjoy it’s luxurious environment, beautiful interior and to indulge in the food served by one of TV’s best. 

Viande Restaurant Grande Roche Hotel

Viande is French for “meat”.  And what a juicy, rich, meaty feast it was! 

We took our seats and the feast started. I was blown away by the rich gnocchi and lamb sweetbreads starter with mushroom and bacon. It was homey, rich and full of all the goodness that the world has to offer. As if I couldn’t be blown away even more, the waiter put a plate of goodness in front of me. This goodness was in the form of wild mushroom risotto, squid and mussel tagliatelle, roasted bone marrow and sourdough toast. 

If you ever get the chance to enjoy an evening at the Viande Restaurant, I would recommend the roasted rib-eye with baked aubergine, tomato, cream and basil for your main dish. This dish was so tender and oh so creamy, it melted away in your mouth. 

Vegetarians assemble

There is something for you as well, but on the patio, as Chef Pete would joke! And you can be excited for when the summer arrives! Because there will be a tapas menu that you can enjoy while sipping some wine and looking over the mountains of Paarl. 

Bring your appetite to Viande Restaurant because you don’t want to skip dessert. 

The Viande Cream Sundae is a must! Pair this with an Espresso Martini and you will wake up with a smile the next morning. Consisting of chocolate mousse, homemade vanilla and chocolate ice cream and chocolate brownie pieces, I promise you this is what heaven is made of. 

What I enjoyed most was that they pair every dish with local wines from the Paarl wine valley. And just to make things even better. On this particular Friday afternoon I had a mini tour of the newly refurbished Grande Roche Hotel. If I were you, I would make a weekend out of this. Grab a few bites to eat at Viande, sip way too much of the local wines of Paarl and stay a night in one of the beautiful rooms of Grande Roche Hotel. 

If you are a lover of good food and good wine, want to get away from the rumble of the city or just want to experience all the beauty that Paarl has to offer, then a trip to Viande Restaurant at Grande Roche Hotel is a must. Over and over again. 

Photography by Charles Russel


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