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Have you heard of the #HeforShe Taverns project? It’s encouraging men to actively join the conversation around gender-based violence, and we’re thrilled. This is, after all, everyone’s fight!

The project, which was implemented by the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference (SACBC), Justice and Peace Commission, and Klerksdorp Diocese in the North West Province, is aiming to initiate conversations between men and women about the violence in their communities.

This project, inspired by the HeforShe initiative in the United States, currently has 144 localised taverns involved in order to create solidarity within communities, and end violence against women and children.

Apart from the conversations, the project also aims to fight alcohol-related violence and is encouraging tavern owners to have a zero-tolerance attitude when acts of violence occur within their establishments. They are also encouraging tavern owners to organise testing events for health related issues such as HIV, high blood pressure and more.

Since the implementation of the project, women within these communities have stated that they felt safer and that men are becoming more involved in creating safe spaces for women.

The project is mainly based in Klerksdorp but plans are being put into place to extend the project’s reach.

This project is incredibly important, as violence against women and children is a major issue around the world, and especially in South Africa. People are starting to understand and support the idea of gender equality, and are becoming aware that it is not only an issue for women but rather that it is a human rights issue. Therefore, people of all genders need to stand in solidarity to create a united force for gender equality.

If you’d like to commit to take action against gender-based violence, you can visit the HeforShe website and pledge free of charge in only ten seconds.

Pledge today, join the global movement and be the change.

Do you have any initiatives in your community that are joining the fight against violence against women and children? Let us know in the comments below.


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