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At the exact moment our office engaged in a Hunger Games war for the Office DJ job of the day, we received Spotify’s unveiling “Wrapped 2019”. The annual end of year summary that reveals the top artists, albums, songs, playlists and podcasts streamed on the platform won the Lumico Music Hunger Games …for now. ‘’Wrapped” showcases what more than 248 million people around the world listened to, and how they discovered music and podcasts in 2019, taking a look at music, culture and streaming through the eyes (and ears) of the fans and artists that made it all possible.

 Here is what South Africans have been listening to in 2019:

 Drumroll please!

 Khalid is sitting in the top spot for the most streamed artist in South Africa, followed by Post Malone and Drake.

 While Post Malone is chilling in the shadow of Khalid, and his latest album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, is the most streamed album in South Africa this year.

 Billie Eilish also made it onto the most streamed artist in South Africa list at number 5, and WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? was the second most streamed album in South Africa.

 Shekhinah, who recently opened for legendary RnB singer Toni Braxton, remained the most streamed local female artist in South Africa. Lady Zamar, whose much anticipated second album Monarch, churned out more chart-topping hits, followed in second place with Afrikaans rock artist, Karen Zoid, claiming the third spot. 

 Closer to home, South Africans showed their support for local artists with “Drive” by Black Coffee and David Guetta (featuring Delilah Montagu) maintaining its position as the most streamed song, spearheaded by a local artist. ‘’Fetch Your Life’’ by Prince Kaybee and Msaki is the second most streamed song in South Africa, with “Dames” by Biggy, the song that became a viral sensation locally, in at number three. 

 Take a look at the most streamed South African artists on Spotify

  1.     Kabza Da Small
  2.     DJ Maphorisa
  3.     Nasty C
  4.     Prince Kaybee
  5.     Spoegwolf
  6.     Black Coffee
  7.     Joyous Celebration
  8.     Sjava
  9.     Snotkop
  10. AKA

 Prince Kaybee’s hit album Re Mmino is on top of the most streamed South African albums ranks, with Kabza Da Small and DJ Maphorisa’s Scorpion Kings in a close second. Spoegwolf is in the 7th spot, followed by Snotkop with “Die Platinum Reeks” in number 8.  

 Now let’s look  at the Afrikaans music scene

Here are the Afrikaans bands that South Africa can’t stop listening to;

  1. Spoegwolf
  2. Snotkop
  3. Fokofpolisiekar
  4. Kurt Darren
  5. Elandré
  6. Robbie Wessels
  7. Die Heuwels Fantasties
  8. Jo Blacjk
  9. Francois van Coke
  10. Bok van Blerk

To make things even better on this rainy Tuesday morning, Spotify has announced that they will unveil personalised Spotify “Wrapped” later this week, which provides Spotify users with bespoke insights on the artists, songs, music genres and podcasts they listened to most, as well as fun facts like how many minutes of music they heard and how many songs they “liked.”

The Hunger Games war has cooled down, thanks to Spotify’s Wrapped 2019. But let’s see who will win the ultimate Lumico Music Hunger Games when Spotify releases the personalised Wrapped later this week. May the odds be ever in your favour , my colleagues.


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