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It worked out pretty well when I was invited to review Dalliance restaurant at the V&A Waterfront on the evening of my birthday. It had been a pretty perfect day, starting with a press trip to the winelands, followed by bubbly and milktart cupcakes (yummm!) with my bestie, and finally dinner with a view. Not too shabby!

We arrived just as the sun was turning the sky into a soft haze of cotton candy pink and warm peach tones, perfectly suiting the Graham Beck Brut Rosé in my glass. Dalliance faces to the front of the V&A, which means you don’t get the postcard view of the harbour on the other side, but it is still very picturesque.

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Their menu has quite a variety of flavours on offer, from sushi to trinchado to spaghetti to burgers, so it was a bit difficult to judge what type of cuisine they wanted to specialise in. Eventually we decided to start with their calamari, a lovely, fresh dish with pineapple, peppers and a vinaigrette. We also had their hummus, served with pita bread, which was decent enough though perhaps a little heavy on the garlic and light on the salt.

For our mains we opted for a sushi platter they had put together especially for the media event. Their sushi was lovely, with a generous fish-to-rice ratio, and well-made rolls. It also went very well with the Delaire Graff Rosé that we ordered with it.

They have quite a generous meat section on their menu and I was keen to see how they treated their beef so I ordered their sirloin, served with truffle butter and duck fat fries. I am pretty certain they tenderized the steak beforehand, the meat being flattened quite a bit. This makes me a bit skeptical as to the quality of their beef, but all in all it was yummy. The truffle butter makes all the difference, melting into the meat, and the duck fat fries were pure indulgence. That being said, at R160 for a plate they could have been a bit more generous with their sides.

As for the desserts, we had a very delicious New York Cheesecake Brulée that was perfectly silky with a crisp caramel coating. We also ordered their Marshmallow dessert, which I would only recommend for those with a hard-core sweet tooth, or to share between a couple of people. It is seriously decadent.

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Overall I think it’s a beautiful space, and I love that you can chill out with a glass of wine and watch the sun dip down. Would I head there for dinner? Honestly, I wouldn’t choose it as my first option. Since you’re going to spend a pretty penny, you might as well head to Willoughby’s for sushi, Bukhara for curry, Mondiall for a burger or Belthazar for a steak. That’s not to say the food was a let-down at all, but it wasn’t stand-out either.

That being said they have a very nice winelist that includes estates like Iona, Springfield, Thelema, Rupert & Rothchild, Black Oystercatcher, Boekenhoutskloof, Delaire Graff and Creation to name a few of my personal favourites. So it is definitely worth while to head over for a glass of wine at sundown before making your way to dinner.

You can head over to to check out their menu.


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