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At the end of last month the husband and I set out to the winelands for what promised to be a very interesting food and music festival. I first heard about Littlegig last year and I was instantly intrigued by the idea of a curated, 24-hour boutique festival where they sold limited tickets to ensure an intimate atmosphere. Naturally I was thrilled when I received an invitation to attend, and  as we drove into the forest of towering Eucalyptus trees, passing huge sculptures by the side of the road and festival assistants dressed in top-to-toe spandex, my excitement only increased.

The idea behind Littlegig is to showcase musicians, DJs, top chefs, winemakers, designers and artists over a period of 24 hours, in a laid-back, Bohemian setting. As we closed in on the festivities we joined crowds dressed in tutus and top hats, feathers and sequence, and everything in between. But the best part of the festival is the fact that your ticket includes everything. We were offered a day pass, which allowed us to eat and drink as much as we wanted, and even pop in at the complementary shop for some essentials like sunscreen. On the house. There is an amazing freedom in this.

As you might expect though the tickets are steep, making the festival a pretty exclusive situation. When we parked between BMWs, Porches, Mercedes and Audi’s, we knew this was not the average festival crowd (and if you’ve had your fill of rock festivals, you’ll know this is not necessarily a bad thing). I do think they tried to create something more upmarket and refined, and I actually appreciated the fact that we could indulge in truly delicious fair.

The wine that was served was on the premium side, with farms like Delaire Graff, Tokara, Glen Carlou and Muratie making an appearance. We also had the chance to sample some really delicious and inspired gourmet cuisine. The rockstar of the day was Chef Rasmus Munk from Alchemist in Copenhagen, who was joined by Chris Erasmus from Foilage in Franschhoek, Jason Lilley from Jason Bakery in Cape Town, and PJ Vadas from The Hoghouse. If you know the local food scene, you’ll understand the hype.

Apart from this they were serving up Striped Horse craft beer, Krone bubbly, Havana rum and Woolies cold-pressed juices, and you could decide whether you wanted to hang out and the food forest & bar, have your hair and makeup done at the Krone Bar, party up a storm at the Havana Rum Shack or Tropical Bass Bar, or chill out on the couches by the Barista Bar.

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I heard mixed opinions from fellow festival-goers after the event, but it was basically my ideal vibe. You could drink rum-rum-rum and juice by the river, eating watermelon, pineapple and coconut to your heart’s content, then go on to purchase some wacky and extravagant fashion, and finally take a nap under the trees before the next wave of musicians got on stage.

Would I go next year? If I could afford it, yes I would. And if you are in the mood for some serious splurging, book yourself some glamping accommodation too.


Tickets this year started at R2000 for a day pass, which included all your food and drinks. You can read more about the festival here.


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