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Come on, we all know the couple who facials together, stays together! For this month of love, we headed to Winelands Endermologie & Skin Clinic in Paarl for some Optiphi indulgent facials, and it was most definitely the most relaxing hour we’ve had in the last year.

So, you got hubby to go…?

I have to admit, at first he was quite sceptic. There was a moment where we had to Google if he could go with a beard or if he’d have to shave it off, but I am happy to report that he could go with a beard and his therapist professionally navigated the facial hair.

If your SO has never had a facial before, I’d definitely recommend that you go for something like the Optiphi indulgent facial. The treatment is deep-cleansing and focused on your specific skin needs and includes the Optiphi polyphenol algae mask. Translation: this facial is noninvasive, super soothing and will get basically anyone addicted to facials.

That does not mean that it is only pampering and no substance. Both of us opted for extractions as well, just to get that really deep cleanse, while the algae mask penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and delivers anti-stress and antioxidant benefits. The treatment ends with a super nourishing moisturiser and some sun protection as well.

When, where and how?

On a gorgeous summer afternoon, and I mean as gorgeous as the Boland gets in the summer, we headed to Paarl for our afternoon of indulgence. The team at Winelands Endermologie & Skin Clinic is not only extremely professional, but they are also welcoming, attentive and ready to answer any and all questions that you might have. They are located on Paarl Main Road, in a revamped Cape Dutch house. Of course, if you want to make a day out of it I’d suggest heading for facials, followed by lunch at Noop or Blacksmith’s Kitchen, or even an outing to Spice Route.


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