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We’ve reached that stage of our lockdown where the one kilogram of bananas, two bags of apples, 750 grams of carrots and two packs of mushrooms have started to go off after I over-dramatically panic-bought them the day before the official lockdown. There is no way I am able to eat all my fresh groceries before they go off, but I am also not willing to let it go to waste. 

After a few hours of letting my mind wander, I came up with a handful of ideas of how I could preserve fresh ingredients and still enjoy all the vitamins and minerals at a later stage during our quarantine. This is what I did:


I peeled and cut a few bananas into rough pieces and divided them up in portions to freeze. I did the same for a few other fruits (and even some vegetables) I had in the fridge. The next day I just added greek yoghurt to different variations of fruits and blended everything together for a delicious, refreshing smoothie. 


Here are a few smoothie combination ideas:

  • Banana, spinach, apple, pineapple, kiwi and plain yoghurt.
  • Banana, blueberries, strawberries, figs and unflavoured yoghurt.
  • Banana, mango, strawberry, pineapple and coconut milk.
  • Banana, peanut butter, ice cubes and yoghurt.



I roasted butternut cubes while I fried onions, mushrooms, spinach and bacon in a pan. I made a quick three-ingredients quiche crust, layered a buttered oven pan with a thin layer of crust and added the butternut with the rest of the ingredients. I topped the roasted vegetables with cheese and four beaten eggs.

I popped the quiche in the oven for about 20 minutes and let it cool down completely after it had cooked through. After cutting the quiche in 8 equal pieces, I wrapped them individually with cling wrap and froze them. This way it’s easy to just quickly heat them up when I’m hungry.


Pea Soup:

I also made pea soup using four carrots, two onions, two tomatoes, stewing meat and a packet of dried split peas. If you enjoy carbs, you can add two potatoes as well. I grated all the vegetables and added them to one litre of water, and added this to the peas and stewing meat in my slow cooker. I cooked the soup for 8 hours on high and another 8 hours on low until all the ingredients were cooked and the meat was soft. If you do not have a slow cooker then you can cook the soup for about 2 hours on low heat in a pot on the stove.

After the soup had cooled down I blended it with a stick blender to give it a smooth texture. I also divided the soup up into portions and popped them in the freezer to enjoy at a later stage.


Sugar-Free Banana, Carrot and Apple muffins:

I baked muffins using a few bananas that were busy going off, using apples and carrots instead of sugar. Here is my sugar-free apple muffins recipe.


At the end of a day of baking and cooking up a storm I had made more than enough healthy and nutritious meals to freeze for a later stage. I will continue to use these ideas after the lockdown period, as they are excellent meals to take to work as lunch or quickly pop in the microwave oven after a long day of work.

How do you preserve fresh ingredients to last longer during this lockdown?



  1. Hi Leandra,

    Please could you send me an email and I can send you information on mushrooms with recipes and beautiful images – that may interest you to put online?

    Mushrooms boost your immune system and I would like to share this with you, especially during this time.

    Warm regards,
    For and on behalf of The South African Mushroom Farmers’ Association

  2. Thanks for sharing such a nice information about food preservation, I will apply during lock-down.

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