You would never expect that a little oasis of calm is centered in the middle of suburban Claremont. I had an amazing opportunity to join House of Yoga for a Vinyasa class and holistic massage, and I cannot stop talking about this beautiful boutique wellness sanctuary. House of Yoga offers yoga and meditation, as well as a serene therapy room where holistic massages and reflexology is offered.

House of Yoga is the passion project of sisters Leigh and Karen Bosch, who have had a long-time dream of running a business together. This in itself isn’t too out of the ordinary, but what sets these two women apart is the careers they have led up to this moment.

Leigh, having worked for Deloitte in London for ten years, left the fast-paced world of finance to pursue a life that held more meaning and passion. She had a wish of creating a space where others could escape the stress of everyday life through means of yoga and meditation.

As Grade Head at SACS Junior school, Karen decided to follow a life in helping and healing others, and holds qualifications in massage and reflexology, and is currently pursuing an Advanced Sports Massage qualification.

Both women decided to leave the stressful, high-speed rat race behind, focusing on creating something more fulfilling, both for themselves, and for others. The reason their story resonated with us here at 9Lives is because of the transition that both women made in their lives, stepping out of their comfort zones in order to create a more purposeful path. One filled with its own trials and struggles, but one that truly holds more meaning and offers more peace.

Last year their dream became a reality, and the House of Yoga officially opened their doors on the 8th of September 2018, originally focusing on yoga and meditation. At the start of this year, though, holistic massages and reflexology was added to the list as well.

The styles of yoga on which they focus include Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative yoga, Jivamukti, and even pregnancy yoga amongst others (you can check out the full list and their descriptions here). With Leigh having trained to become a professional yoga instructor, and Karen a qualified massage and reflexology therapist, both women emphasise the importance of being properly trained in their respective fields. This means that all instructors at the House of Yoga are highly qualified, and each brings their own individual manner of instructing to the class.

Not a yogi? Not to worry.

The House of Yoga was created to bring a sense of meditative serenity to every individual. So even if, like me, you are a beginner with only a few classes under your belt, not to worry. There are three beginner classes being offered every week, and just recently, a complete four-class beginner’s workshop was added as well – keep an eye out for workshops and events, as we’ll continue to keep you updated as they are added. Leigh takes every care to ensure that every individual in the class receives the instruction and attention to form as it is required.

There is a refreshing sense of community in the class, with everyone greeting, smiling and making space for newcomers. I loved how there was a special emphasis placed on finding your breath and moving your body through the poses, with an option to progress as needed. For those of us who weren’t able to master the advanced poses, I appreciated that there was no sense of judgement. That being said, I was able to end the class with a sense of clarity and accomplishment, and can only say thank you to Leigh for the newly instilled determination to incorporate mindful movement into my everyday routine.

More than just a yoga studio

Despite the name, the House of Yoga focuses on more than importance of proper bodily care through exercise. As a massage therapist, Karen focuses on improving circulation, detoxification and relieving muscle aches through holistic massages. What makes this type of massage different from a regular “one size fits all” massage is the fact that it’s specifically tailored to each individual’s needs, aches and pains. This happens to include pregnancy and postpartum massages — you can check out the full range of treatments and descriptions here.

I have to say that experiencing a holistic massage was absolute bliss. From the choice of herbal tea that was offered, to the aroma of the essential oils, this was definitely something that I would recommend everyone experiences. And the best part is that it’s recommended that you go for a massage regularly. Every two weeks if possible, but definitely every month, as it aids in the circulation of blood flow in the body, detoxification and general mental wellbeing.

Honestly, who could argue with that?

Take a moment to breathe

The House of Yoga is beautifully set up so that it even has a stunning waiting area ensconced by glass, and an idyllic courtyard where you can enjoy a (complimentary) soothing herbal tea or Nespresso coffee. Of particular interest to me was the fact that each tea is hand blended on the premises and is available to order, especially after tasting my raspberry leaf tea.

I plan to join a class again very soon, and hopefully make a stop at House of Yoga at least once a month. I’m told that there are two feline friends wandering around on the property as well, and I hope to meet Frankie Four Socks and Prince Caspian on one of my next visits.

If you want to book a class or even learn a little more about the House of Yoga, you can pop on over to, visit their Facebook or Instagram.


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