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Winter is creeping in quickly, and it’s time to get hygge with it! So, you might have seen posts on Instagram using the hashtag #hygge, or even heard people discussing it, but what exactly is hygge?

So, what is hygge?

Hygge (pronounced “hoo-ga” or “huo-ga”) is the Danish concept of comfort — but it’s so much more than that. It’s an all-encompassing term for comfort, cosiness, and a feeling of contentment that develops enjoying the simpler things in life. It is used both as a noun as in “creating hygge”, and also as a verb, so you and your home can actually be hygge.

Have you ever enjoyed reading a book, snuggled up under your favourite blanket in front of the fireplace while it’s raining outside? Then you’ve experienced hygge.

What does it mean to be hygge?

The definition of hygge is different for everyone, for some it might mean a warm cup of hot chocolate, for others reading a book in bed, or it might be enjoying a bowl of home-cooked soup with family and friends. It’s a very personal concept, and everyone creates it for themselves in their own way. The main idea is just to find comfort and cosiness in your everyday life, there are no rules to decide what your hygge should be!

How can I be hygge?

There are a few basic things you can do to create your own sense of hygge this winter, so pick your favourites and get cozy!

Heat it up

What better way to feel comfy during those cold winter days than to get toasty? If you’re lucky enough to have in an indoor fireplace, the flickering fire can make any home feel more warm, comforting and intimate. If you don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry! Turn on a heater or grab your biggest, fluffiest, warmest blanket, and light a few candles to set the mood!

Get comfy

You can’t be hygge sitting on an uncomfortable chair, so put on your comfy pants and find yourself a cozy spot to curl up in. Whether you enjoy reading a book in your favourite armchair, or bingeing the latest series on the couch, you can create hygge with a throw pillow (or five), a snuggly blanket, an oversized jersey, your grossest “I’ll never wear these in front of people” tracksuit pants, or whatever else floats your boat! As long as you’re comfy and content, that’s hygge!

Fill up

Hygge isn’t about hedonism or overeating, but a well-timed snack, cup of coffee or hot chocolate, or even your favourite comfort food every once in a while definitely helps to create hygge.

Dim the lights

Lighting can really make a difference in the feeling of home you create. If you have cold, harsh blue lights, swop out those bulbs for warmer yellow bulbs, or install dimmers to keep the light at a comfortable level. This is where those candles from earlier come in again; they create a much more welcoming and homely feeling than harsh lights. And remember to open the curtains once in a while! Bring in some natural light and a bit of the outdoors in one!

Bring the outdoors indoors

Take a cue from nature and bring the relaxing and stress-reducing outdoors indoors by adding some greenery indoors. Whether you just have some herbs growing in the kitchen, or whether your green thumb has allowed you to create a garden indoors, plants help to create a sense of calm and comfort in your house. If you’re like me and can’t keep anything alive, create a sense of the outdoors with paintings or prints, or a little zen garden, or through leather, wood and stone design elements.

Relax in the tub

Now, I personally haven’t had a bath in quite a few years due to strict water restrictions in the Western Cape (also my flat only has a shower), but whenever I feel like I need some hygge in my life, the first thing I want to do is get in a warm, soapy bubble bath with a big glass of wine, some candles and a good book.

These are only a few suggestions, but hygge can be whatever you want it to be. As long as it brings you joy, comfort and a sense of cosiness, you’ve succeeded!

Have you hygge-d it up lately? Let me know if you have any tips for me in the comments!


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