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Most people look forward to Valentine’s Day – spending time with your significant other, confessing your undying love while staring into each other eyes and walking home together under the moonlight.

For us single girls, it ain’t too great (some might even say nauseating). Just walking through the mall to buy an innocent dinner for one gets us get bombarded with hearts in all shades of pink and love songs on repeat. Not to mention the Valentine’s Day specials that are everywhere!

There are different kinds of romances, and we’re going to make our Valentine’s Day all about our girlfriends. So, we’ve rounded up some super fun activities to host the perfect Galentine’s dinner at home, where there is no affection in sight.

What’s for dinner?

When I asked my good friend and colleague ,Mieke, what we should eat for our Galentine’s Dinner, she immediately recommended Tapas. And as this is the day we will celebrate our friends, tasty tapas it will be!

Tapas are made for sharing and this mix of delicious goodies will be an impressive feast when the girls come round. These are some of our favourite tapas choices:

Fried Stuffed Olives

Sticky Chicken Wings

Crunchy Chicken Strips

Glazed Chorizo

Stuffed Peppers

Veggie Spring Rolls

Mozzarella Sticks.

Swipe right for Galentine’s Tinder Game!

What better time to up your Tinder game than on Valentine’s Day! Options are expected to double-up, as all the single boys will be desperately seeking some Tinder love and care to keep them less-than-lonely for the night.

Our Tinder game will be played out as follows: We will each create our own Tinder profile and when we match with someone, we have to drink. And of course you have to swipe right for everyone, no matter who they may be.

Going in style with your PJ’s on!

Who doesn’t miss Slumber Parties? We most definitely do! And if we think slumber parties, we think about Alexa Vera and her besties in the classic movie Sleepover, where we can have long chats and Truth and Dare moments, order pizza with extra cheese, sing along to the Spice Girls, bake cookies at midnight and enjoy scrambled eggs for brunch.

Bring on the prezzies!

Valentine’s is all about the heart-shaped chocolates, human-sized teddies and roses, but your besties deserve a special gift as well. Because we are single ladies, though, roses and heart-shaped chocolates are not exactly on our wishlist.

Remember those days when mixtapes were the best present you could get? Recreate that nostalgic feeling and make your girlfriends mixtapes, just leave out Taylor Swift’s Love Story and choose songs that remind you of them; who says Valentine’s Day can’t be about sharing the love with special gals in our lives? My bestie is a dancing queen so Abba, here I come!

Leslie Knope said it best when she stated: “hoes before bros, uteruses before dude-erusus, ovaries before brovaries”. Here’s to all you ovaries out there, may this be the best day of love for you!

Shout out to Mieke de Wet for her insights!

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How do you and your best friends plan to spend Galentine’s Day? Share in the comments below!



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