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I still remember the first time I tasted a cinnamon bun.

I was in high school and a new coffee shop had just opened in town, introducing us to this delectable layered pastry filled with sticky cinnamon syrup and topped with glossy icing.

I was hooked. We would pop in after school, shrugging off our thick winter jackets, and settle down to a warm cappuccino and one of these guilty pleasures. It was pure decadence nibbling it up from the crispy outside in, until you reached that soft, moreish cinnamon-soaked center.

For me the scent of fresh coffee, pastry and warming spices is still an ultimate winter comfort.

So a few weeks back I received the new Hug in a Mug Cinnamon Bun flavoured cappuccino, and all of this came right back to me. Hug in a Mug by House of Coffees makes various flavoured cappuccino sachets, including hazelnut, vanilla and toasted marshmallow. This is their most recent concoction.

They’re pretty fricken nifty for those moments when you feel like a quick, comforting fix. Like when it’s noon on a rainy Saturday and you’re still in your PJs – no ways you’re leaving the house. Or when it’s 4pm on a chilly afternoon at the office and that sugar craving sets in.

Hug in a Mug Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino 9Lives 4

Hug in a Mug Cinnamon Bun Cappuccino

But what does it taste like?

Well pretty much like coffee with a hint of cinnamon and a dollop of icing. You mix the sachet of powder with boiling water and it creates a milky, foaming cuppa. I also played with half boiling water and half warm milk for an even more decadent drink.

Keen to try it? Lucky you! I’m giving some away.


I’m giving away two Hug in a Mug Cinnamon Bun hampers on social media!

To enter, head to 9Lives on Facebook and Instagram, and tell me about your perfect winter morning using emoticons. I’ll choose the best two, so get creative!

Entries close 30 June.

*This post was sponsored by Hug in a Mug


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