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My love affair with luxury pyjamas started once upon a scroll through Instagram, as most modern love stories do, when I stumbled onto a page named Rosehip Design. Don’t get me wrong, I am still committed to slouching my way to bed in men’s boxers and oversize t-shirts for the most part, but there is something quite satisfying about a pair of luxury pyjamas waiting in the closet for you when you feel like spicing things up.

Blooming in Buttercup

A parcel arrived for me containing the Heavenly Buttercup design shortly after my encounter with the Durban-based brand. The pyjamas are indeed heavenly as the name would predict. The soft cotton voile fabric is so lightweight it feels like you are clothed in clouds that softly float around you as you move. This, for me, is the best part as I absolutely despise pyjamas that confine my body and twist into awkward positions when I sleep. The designers at Rosehip managed to create a cut that has a flattering silhouette, but that is still comfy AF. What more could you ask for?

Can I wear pyjamas in the outside world?

If they look like these ones, then yes! Thanks to the big C, it’s not uncommon for loungewear to feature in the fashion pages. Step it up a notch and show off your luxe sleepwear for the world to see. If you don’t believe me – head over to this article by GQ.

According to them, “you currently have permission from the style gods to be wildly over-dressed and ready for a bubble bath at the same time.” I am not one to disagree. In fact, you might catch a glimpse of me picking up some bagels before work in these. Heck, if someone doesn’t stop me I might pair my Rosehip Heavenly Buttercup pyjamas with a blazer and dub it my official autumn uniform.

Get your own

You can head over to Rosehip’s website to have a peek at their wide range of locally produced designs in all floral. There are seven botanical pyjama designs to choose from and they all have matching kimonos – if you are feeling extra glamorous.


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