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As a fair-skinned blonde girl I had to do something about my light-but-bushy eyebrows from a young age. I started with a light tint and waxed my eyebrows at about 15 years of age. Slightly darker eyebrows made my eyes stand out more and gave more definition to my face. and so I’ve continued tinting my eyebrows since then.

In 2018 I got a job in the Netherlands. As I started to pack my bags and go through all my daily and monthly beauty routines, I realised that my local beauty therapist wouldn’t be there to tint my eyebrows on a monthly basis. 

After a few minutes on Google I discovered that beauty salons are very expensive in Europe and that I would not be able to tint my eyebrows every month. I decided to tint my own eyebrows over the year to come. I mean, how hard could it be? 

I bought my first tube of tint on Takealot for less than R150, and visited my nearest beauty salon to ask the therapist to briefly explain to me how to use the tint. The process seemed very easy and definitely doable. I tinted my own eyebrows, for less than R5 per tint under 30 minutes and in the comfort of my own home, ever since.

This is how easy it is: 


Make sure your eyebrows are clean before you start. Remove all makeup and facial oils from your skin to ensure that the tint sticks properly.


Use petroleum jelly to carefully mark your eyebrows to prevent the tint from staining your skin.


Add a big squeeze of RefectoCil Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint to a small container. I use the number 3 tint, a dark brown tint that gets darker the longer you leave it on.



Add three to four drops of peroxide to the tint and mix thoroughly.


Apply the tint to your first eyebrow. Work through the brow entirely to make sure that you have tinted all the desired brow hair. 


Clean up the skin areas around the brow with an earbud. This is just to prevent the tint from unnecessarily staining your skin. 


Start to time how long the tint is applied to the first eyebrow. I usually leave the tint on for 8 minutes for a medium to dark brown tint. If you would like a lighter tint, you can remove the tint after four to six minutes.


Repeat the petroleum, tinting and clean up process again on the second eyebrow. Remember to keep track of the time.


Wet a cotton pad and wipe the tint off the first eyebrow after the desired time.

STEP 10:

Repeat with the second eyebrow. 

And voila, eyebrows on fleek! 

View the video below to see how I do it:


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