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For months I lived as if Covid-19 didn’t exist in my life. I was so tired of staying inside, that I grabbed the first opportunity to enjoy a night out in town like it was pre-pandemic. What an expensive lesson that night out was, since I missed my best friend’s wedding. 

The reality of cancelling one of the most important days in my best friend’s life knocked on my denial door. I always thought that if I got the virus, then so be it. But I never realised that life will go on while I’m in isolation and it did. I missed a wedding we had been dreaming about since we were in varsity and it brought me back to the reality of this pandemic

Even though my symptoms weren’t severe at all, the emotional challenges that the virus poses are much worse. Should you still go on living your life after you tested positive for Covid-19? Or should you put your own needs aside for the greater good? 

This article is for those of you who answered yes on the first question and hesitated on the second one. 

Yes I know, no one has to know you had been in contact or tested positive yourself, but if the whole world is keeping Covid-19 locked up in secret instead of isolation, this reality will be a reality for more weddings than we can count. 

Everyone wants to keep living a normal life. But just sit for a moment and think about this; If you infect someone’s mom, grandma or sick friend, will your life ever be the way it was before the virus? No. If you stood in the way of someone’s dream of moving abroad because you infected them, will your life still be pre-pandemic normal? No. 

So why take the chance on changing your life and the lives of others more than the virus already had? I’m not sure about you, but that’s a chance I’m not willing to take. And neither should you. 

A big thing to keep in mind when you want to keep living your life as if Covid-19 won’t come knocking on your door, is that the liability will fall with you when other people get infected. That liability isn’t something that you want to carry with you while you keep head above water in these troubling times. When I had to make the tough decision to stay at home, my boyfriend summed it up pretty well with “do you want to be the idiot at a wedding, with your mask on, sitting on your own because you have the virus and everyone is staring at you?” He’s a tough one and so is the question, but that brought everything into perspective. At the end of the day, you want to keep everyone safe. 

I know it sucks to miss out on once-in-a-lifetime moments. I cried my entire isolation away because of this, so no matter what the moment is, I understand how you feel. We’ve all been looking forward to special moments and events for as long as we remember. Graduations. Weddings. Birthday celebrations or the start of something new. And now we feel like we’ve been robbed of that once-in-a-lifetime moment. These moments should be the happiest and most magical times of our lives, instead it’s full of sadness, fear and tension between the people you love. On top of this, you feel guilty of missing the big moments, because there are bigger things going on right now. Maintaining perspective is difficult in moments like this, but it’s not impossible. 

The truth is,  this pandemic is bigger than the next wedding, graduation or celebration. This pandemic is not like a hurricane plowing through everything, leaving chaos wherever it goes never to be seen again. No, this pandemic is a looming cloud of uncertainty all over the world, because we don’t know when the next normal wedding celebration will be. 

The perspective I was talking about earlier? It’s tempting to hold tight to optimism and hope that this pandemic will be over soon, but we have an ethical weight on our hearts and minds to keep striving for the greater good. 

I missed my best friend’s wedding. For as long as I live I will regret not wearing my bridesmaid’s dress or toasting to the bride and groom, but I will not regret that I fought the Covid-19 pandemic one isolation at a time. And if you start seeing the sacrifices you make as something good rather than sad, then the next bride won’t have the fear of cancelling her wedding. 


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