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I’ve been thinking about switching to an all-natural and minimal skincare routine for a while before actually biting the bullet and going for it. And if you are considering the same thing, you probably understand why. There are so many things to consider, not to mention the many natural brands that are available. Me being a sucker for local products in just about every category, I could luckily narrow it down to just a few South African brands that stood out. In the end, it was Skin Creamery who came out victorious.

It’s now been more than a month since I decided to get rid of the overflux of bottles and jars on my dresser, and replace them with only three products that completely changed how I looked at skincare. It’s safe to say that I haven’t looked back since.

Why I decided to switch to natural products

I have a combination skin that leans more towards oily in the warmer months. This leads to occasional breakouts and an unwelcome shine around 4pm every day. I tried out so many products over the years, and ended up with stacks of expensive bottles in different shapes and sizes.

I woke up one day, tired of my skin feeling tight from added chemicals after a cleanse, and at the same time, the heavy residue the moisturizers left on my skin. My skin ached for a simple routine that didn’t strip my skin from its natural oils, leaving it soft and moisturised without the added shine.

Skin Creamery: Kind to my skin and kind to the earth

9Lives Skin CreameryWhile I was still looking at my different options in terms of natural skincare products, Skin Creamery always managed to catch my eye. One thing that stood out to me was the simplistic, yet show-stopping beauty of their packaging. I love that their products come in glass bottles instead of plastic, making it kinder to the earth. Two of their main products, The Everyday Cream and Oil-Milk Cleanser also come in convenient refill-pouches, which means you can re-use your original bottle and save some money while you’re at it.

While the above definitely earned them some brownie points, it was their natural and simplistic approach to ingredients that swayed my decision. Each ingredient was carefully selected according to their unique healing qualities, which means you don’t put your skin through more than it actually needs.

My three hero-products from Skin Creamery

Oil-Milk Cleanser – AM and PM

R413.00, Skin Creamery

9Lives Skin Creamery - Oil-Milk CleanserI absolutely adore this product. I struggled to find a cleanser that removes makeup efficiently without making my skin feel tight and dried-out from chemical ingredients. The Oil-Milk Cleanser from Skin Creamery is soap- and alcohol-free and made only with certified natural oils, including sesame seed, baobab and melon oils. The silky oil-based cleanser gently removes makeup and impurities, without burning my eyes. When mixed with warm water, the oil emulsifies into a creamy milk substance.

I love starting my beauty routine in both the morning and evening with the Oil-Milk Cleanser and the natural fragrance of Sesame Oil, Baobab and Melon Seed.

Skin Tonic – AM

R358.00, Skin Creamery

9Lives Skin Creamer - Skin TonicThis refreshing toner-like product hydrates my skin after cleansing. With my skin that often gets a bit oily, I wanted to steer away from heavy moisturisers that could clog my pores. The Skin Tonic combined with the Wildflower water cream is the perfect duo to ensure that my skin feels hydrated and nourished, without giving me that dreaded 4pm shine.

The Skin Tonic contains malachite for its powerful antioxidant properties, Baobab fruit powder which is high in Vitamin C, and an omega-rich oil layer that hydrates the skin.

Wildflower Water-Cream – AM and PM

R365.00, Skin Creamery

9Lives Skin Creamery Wildflower Water-CreamI only have one question regarding this product: Where can I buy a lifetime supply? I can honestly say that this light cream is the best damn thing since sliced bread. I apply the Wildflower Water-Cream after the Skin Tonic in the morning, and after cleansing in the evening. My skin instantly feels hydrated and my complexion is glowing like never before.

The only thing I noticed is that my skin requires a little bit more moisture in the evening before bedtime. Therefore I already placed my order for the Everyday Cream and I cannot wait to add this baby to my collection.

Have you recently switched to a natural skincare range? Let us know which products you recommend.


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