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Going for a facial is a fantastic way to relax and rewind, right? You get to sit back while the therapist gently exfoliates your face and rubs some great smelling lotion on you. I’m assuming here, as I’d never been for a professional facial of any kind before writing this article. But I do know that I’d signed up for something completely different when I agreed to go for a medical facial at Pulse Dermatology and Laser in Durbanville. For a start, all the specialists are internationally qualified in non-surgical aesthetic treatments, which makes perfect sense given that they’re working with some pretty serious stuff.

What exactly is it?

“Medical facial” is an umbrella term for a number of treatments ranging from chemical peels and mesotherapy, to LED Light therapy and acne control. It’s less about the pampering aspect than a regular facial, and vastly more effective due to the fact that the treatments used are stronger and more targeted. In fact, the entire experience differs from one person to the next since the treatments are tailored to the individual’s concerns.

My experience

I met with Amy Bowie, a medical aesthetics therapist and expert in the field of dermatology, for a consultation regarding the hormonal acne that has a tendency to flare up due to my PCOS. Was I nervous? Yes, very.

And I really shouldn’t have been, as it became apparent. Amy was totally forthcoming about any concerns or questions that I had, making sure that I understood the procedure that was about to follow, and that I was comfortable with the treatments I was about to undergo.

My skin was treated with a mild chemical peel, a combination of lactic-, citric- and salicylic acid, followed by an anti-stress serum and LED light therapy – a combination of red light and blue light in this case. These light rays are UV-free, are not damaging to the skin, and are selected for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as their ability to help with cell regeneration.

It was not the most comfortable of experience, to be completely honest. The mild chemical peel caused my skin to sting and itch and came with a vaguely unpleasant smell, and the 20 minute LED light therapy took some getting used to.

The after-effect

Directly following the treatment, my skin flared up, and what had previously been pretty unobtrusive spots soon became very visible. Cut to a few days later, and the inflamed area had started to peel slightly. Nothing nearly as bad as what I’ve heard a chemical peel can cause, but it left me feeling like I’d been in the sun for a little too long without sunscreen.
It didn’t last for more than a couple days and the effect was well worth it. That entire area had cleared out, leaving my skin feeling smoother than it had been in months.

Would I go back? Definitely. And I would suggest it to anyone looking for a more permanent and effective alternative to regular pampering. There isn’t enough time or space to write about how cool and enlightening the experience had been, but for anyone curious about medical facials, definitely check it out.

You can visit pulsedermatologyandlaser.com for their range of treatments and products. Let us know in the comments below, have you ever experienced a medical facial?


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