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Nothing gets me going quite like a good mystery. I love the anticipation, the shock, the hunt for clues… Now, throw in a little double mystery by showcasing an unsolved case and you’ve got me hooked for days! Season 2 of Unsolved Mysteries is now streaming on Netflix and it’s another thrilling ride into the world of the unknown.

If you haven’t watched season 1, don’t despair

Season 1 of the widely popular Unsolved Mysteries series was a fascinating look into some of the most bizarre mysteries from across the globe. From a family disappearance in France, to a rooftop mystery and even a UFO sighting. The good news is that these episodes do not follow on one another. Each episode is based on a new mystery and explores it fully.

After the release of Season 1, it was widely reported that the show has received over 4,000 tips about the first set of mysteries. They’ve even reported that Season 1, Episode 4 has led to the exhumation of the victim’s body and vested new interest in the case. The solving of these cases have also exploded on Redditt, where fans of the show are actively trying to find answers.

So what can we expect from Season 2?

The second season kicks off with a mystery involving a former White House aide being found in a landfill, followed by an unidentifiable woman being found dead in a hotel in Oslo, back on US soul they investigate a death row fugitive, a lady found in a lake and children stolen from the New York City park.

I was quite worried that because of the success of the first season, the second season might fall prey to fluff pieces or not-as-serious mysteries. Luckily, showrunners decided to lean even more seriously into the documentary-style that they have committed to. I do commend them on this determination, but it did make the season a bit hard for me to binge, rather opting for an episode every now and then.

Another great thing about this series is that they do not weigh themselves down with the investigative or judicial failings, rather focussing on unbiased facts and observations. This really makes the show unique in its sphere and worth at least a try.

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