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As a fan of anything rock, I immediately added Imagine Dragons’ fourth studio album, Origins, to my Apple Music Library and waited in pure anticipation for the release. Why? Because Imagine Dragons is the most streamed band out there and notched up 50 million record sales.

I plugged in my earphones and pressed play.

“Natural” began my journey to the Origins of Imagine Dragons. Dan Reynolds’ well-known raspy voice starts strong and gave me an exciting feeling inside my stomach as the song reaches its climax. A déjá vu feeling then came over me as my body moved with the rhythms of Daniel Platzman’s drums. Natural is the 2.0 of Whatever It Takes from their album “Evolve”. I was happy that Imagine Dragons had stuck with their electronic catchy sounds, but as a hardcore rock and roll fan, I was still waiting for the guitar riffs and booming drums to bless my ears as I listened more.

“Machine” started and within the first second, I thought I was on a Bohemian Rhapsody’s soundtrack album. And I almost started singing We will rock you. I felt a bit disconnected listening to “Machine” with Freddie Mercury luring in my mind.

The song”Digital” has a drum & bass vibe to it and got me jumping up and down as if I’m at an Ultra festival. The folk-feel on “West Coast” took me from an Ultra festival to the dust of Oppikoppi. Someone that doesn’t know Imagine Dragons by heart may mistake this track for a Mumford & Sons song, but Imagine Dragons makes this popular trend in music their own in a unique way.

At the origins of Imagine Dragons’ new album

All the songs are crafted really well, but reminds me of the type of music you will hear on the Kfm top 40 chart. For more hardcore fans, this might not be what you anticipated from Origins, but I do admire Imagine Dragons for exploring different types of genres. Imagine Dragons is a band with a winning formula, because there is a song on Origins for everyone, from the Ultra goers to someone like me that believes in rock and roll.

Most of their songs are an experiment of different sounds that shouldn’t work together, but surprisingly do. I ended my journey to the Origins of Imagine Dragons with my favorite song on the album, “Bullet for a Gun” that’s all about fame and fortune, with the classic Imagine Dragons sound I came to love.


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