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My hair had been looking incredibly drab. I guess I didn’t pay proper care or attention during the lockdown period – why make an effort when you’re stuck at home, right? Fast forward a few months and my locks were flat, frizzy and dull. Then the new Inoar Resistance with Bamboo Fibre dropped on the 9Lives desk and I eagerly snatched up the chance to review it.

The new haircare range has been formulated with protein and selenium, working to strengthen strands, leaving them brighter. It also contains Biotin and vitamins to treat the fibre. The range is marketed for weakened hair and at first I was worried it would be too heavy. While thick, my hair is also incredibly fine and easily weighed down. That’s one of the reasons I often skip conditioner, even though my hairdresser begs and pleads that I don’t.

It’s now been about a month since I started using the Inoar Resistance shampoo and conditioner and the improvement has been significant. Where my hair was looking flat and frizzy, it quickly regained a healthy bounce and shine. My curls started locking again, and my colour went from bland and dull to vibrant and shiny. It really has been a striking change!

What I love most is the fact that the products aren’t heavy at all. The conditioner is lightweight and washes out super quickly. And if you do need even more nourishment, you can try their Leave-In Antifrizz treatment.

The shampoo took some getting use to. Without sulfates, it’s not as foamy as your typical shampoo – that’s actually a good thing though since foaming agents are often drying and irritating. With the first few washes I was worried that the product wasn’t spreading properly throughout my hair. I was wrong. It does clean efficiently, and without stripping the skin and hair of essential moisture. It’s perhaps because of this that my scalp’s dry, itchy condition has improved. I have even felt my hair to be less oily than usual, and I’ve been able to stretch washes with a day, sometimes even two.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the scent at the beginning, but this has grown on me. And while very strong while washing, the residual fragrance is delicate.

If you are looking for a strengthening hair care range, I can definitely vouch for this one. As a bonus, Inoar is cruelty free, vegan, sulfate free and paraben free.

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