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I consider Jackie Burger the godmother of local fashion. Or perhaps the Queen Bee. From leading the team at ELLE for seven years to working with top local artists for her new venture, Salon58, I think it is safe to say that as far as this industry goes, she has the scoop.

It’s not only her experience that sets her apart in my eyes, but also her impeccable sense of style. She can stand out in a crowd wearing a simplistic but elegant black skirt and a crisp white shirt, accessorized with a bold statement necklace or jacket, exuding sophistication and confidence. My personal style goal has always been to conquer effortlessly chic fashion, which is why I gush about this woman like I do.

I caught up with Jackie to steal some of her fashion wisdom and to chat about upcoming trends, building your core wardrobe and reworking your favourite pieces.

Recently I’ve started to move away from “instant fashion” and started to build a wardrobe with a couple of core pieces. What are the staples in your wardrobe that have given you the most wear?

It always comes down to the sublime simplicity of a white shirt, the perfect-fit denim jeans, an all-weather nude trench coat and oversized v-neck sweaters.

Do you have any tips for people who would like to “minimalise” their closet? 

Be brave! Do it seasonally. We all make mistakes, indulge in retail therapy and suffer the nothing-to-wear dilemma to often. It is about dressing your confidence, your life and your unique sense of self. Make an effort to discover your personal expression and the rest will follow. Evaluate each item carefully and be honest – how does it make you feel when you wear it? Then you’ll know what to do next!

Make an effort to discover your personal expression and the rest will follow.

I find it is also important to purchase core trend pieces, and being able to spot the trends early on so that you get to wear these items for a couple of seasons. Do you agree/disagree, and why? 

Fashion and dressing is an explorative and creative extension of our style persona. Staying attuned to new designs and styling ideas is a wonderful exercise to keep your own radar alive, thus finding the pieces that will transform your wardrobe and revitalise your own dress sense. It is cyclical, and a cultivated sixth sense will definitely find those pieces that extend far beyond the fashion trend seasonality.

What are the key trends you are loving for the autumn/winter season? 

Metallics, slip dresses, pleats and romantic maxi dresses and oversized tailoring. Also cropped flare pants.

I find it helps to update your current pieces in new ways, for instance finding new ways to wear boyfriend jeans, the classic white button-up or biker jacket. Are there any fresh adaptations you are particularly excited about? 

Updating your blouse with a long scarf tied in a pussy bow. Wearing silk pajamas out (think Coco Chanel). A velvet ribbon tipping a high-collared blouse for a dash of Victoriana. Revive eclecticism by introducing vintage-inspired items to your staples (think Gucci attic chic). The waist is the seasonal focal point and belted silhouettes are an effortless update. Find inspiration in your boyfriend’s (oversized) shirts, sweaters, trousers and textured coats.

Do you believe in following trends? Or is it about finding pieces that you feel comfortable in or that help you express yourself? 

I love to explore the sociology of the trend, understanding the notion that drives newness in design. Within this context, I always acquire items that extend my style expression and never purchase anything in an effort to prove that I am relevant or “dressing the part.”

I always acquire items that extend my style expression and never purchase anything in an effort to prove that I am relevant or “dressing the part.”

Is there any trend you’ve seen recently that you are enjoying?

Androgyny has always been a personal favourite and the new gender fluidity evident in fashion is most exciting.

Where do you look for fashion inspiration? 

Everywhere – from the obvious sources (magazines, digital platforms, street style, etc.) to films and exhibitions. Most of all, I love playing with new and different ways of personal expression inspired by textures, vintage finds and instinct.

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