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Denim is all about reinvention – taking your favourite jeans or jacket and transforming it to match your current mood. Add a patch, rework a rip, shorten, lenghten, fray, whatever. It’s about using the classic wardrobe staple to reflect something about you.

After nine months of work, local fashion brand Jota-Kena has finally announced Jota-Kena bespoke, a customised denim range!.

They are taking an old-fashioned approach, adding intricate embroidery, distressing, buttons, washes, dyes and styles, all underpinned by meticulous attention to craftsmanship.

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So what’s on offer?

Jota-Kena has launched with a range of women’s denim jackets in three styles – cropped, oversized and extra lenght – with yellow gold, antique silver or vintage brass buttons (made from nickel-free alloy). The idea is that you can “design” your own denim jacket that really captures your vibe.

Jota-Kena is also offering a choice between styles, washes, button options, and whether you want your denim distressed, over-dyed and/or embroidered. Your choice of embroidery includes pop art, typography, botanicals and regalia.

“We invite clients to make an appointment and visit us at our Cape Town studio where they can enjoy being part of the design process of their own Jota-Kena Bespoke denim jacket,” explains Keziah Swinford, who founded the brand with her sister, Tanith. “We will work with them to conceptualise a one-of-a-kind denim jacket, which is then made up just for them and delivered within four to six weeks.”

Sustainably stylish

Aside from being insanely cool, Jota-Kena’s Bespoke Denim is also made with a eco-conscious frame of mind, making it ideal for people looking for ethical fabrics that can express their style and values.

Their cotton is sourced from Europe, from a supplier that with ethical field-to-finish credentials. “Sustainability is ingrained in their DNA,” says Tanith, “and they value the same things we do. Their processes are geared towards saving water and energy, and when we visited them earlier this year we discovered that they have a filtration plant that cleans water and recycles it to be used for other production purposes.”

Aside from the Bespoke range, Jota-Kena has a range of limited edition ready-to-wear jackets in various washes and styles. They will be available to shop online from end-December.

You can make an appointment for your consultation via email:, or head to


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